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KZZI x Orange Cat Industry K75 Estailev Limited Edition 75% Mechanical Keyboard

KZZI K75 is a famous 75% mechanical keyboard model which is famous worldwide for its smooth performance and elegant design. KZZI in collaboration with Orange Cat Industry has released a special new limited edition variant for the K75 keyboard, presenting the all-new KZZI K75 Estailev. Orange Cat Industry is a well-reputed action figure brand they deal in high-quality Lego, Gundam, and other action figure models. The Estailev is a famous Super Robot Heroes series robot model, that features a stunning Blue and White color theme. The same color-theme and mechanical elements of the “Estailev ” are perfectly injected into the KZZI K75 limited edition model. Designed with high-quality five-sided dye sublimation process, the color theme and the logo on the limited edition keyboard are clearly visible!! Since the numbers are limited, Each unit of K75 Estailev has got its own unique identification number. 

KZZI x Orange Cat Industry K75 Estailev Shining-1

KZZI has equipped the K75 Estailev with carefully designed Estailev mechanical switches. They are said to offer an ultimate typing experience with excellent smoothness and core stability. The switch body adopts POM core, a grey transparent top cover and a Blue colored bottom shell matching the color theme of the Estailev keyboard. They have 45gf Trigger pressure with 1.2mm of pre-travel and 3.4mm of total travel. Shining switches have fast, linear feedback, they are specially designed for gamers who need fast and smooth operation.

KZZI x Orange Cat Industry K75 Estailev Shining-2

KZZI K75 Estailev mechanical keyboard supports three-mode wireless connection support. This includes Wired USB Type-C, Wireless 2.4GHz, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The switching between different connection modes is seamless and can be done simply through a single key lever. KZZI K75 Estailev keyboard comes with a complimentary custom-designed table mat. It matches the design and color theme of the keyboard. It has a heroic posture of Estailev, with every angle having a majestic look. The K75 Estailev includes a transparent dust cover, and carefully designed custom package.

KZZI x Orange Cat Industry K75 Estailev Shining-3

KZZI x Orange Cat Industry K75 Estailev mechanical keyboard is launched in China now. It will be soon launched worldwide.

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