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YUNZII Introduces All-New IF98 Pro: Three-Mode Gasket-Mounted RGB Mechanical Keyboard

YUNZII is a renowned brand in the world of mechanical keyboards, offering premium products such as mechanical keyboards, keycaps, and other accessories. Today, we are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to their lineup, the YUNZII IF98 Pro mechanical keyboard. This 98-key 96% mechanical keyboard is an upgrade to the classic IF98 keyboard, featuring a range of new and exciting features.


One of the standout features of the IF98 Pro is its three-mode connectivity, providing users with versatile options. Whether you prefer high-speed 2.4GHz Wireless, Wireless Bluetooth, or Wired USB Type-C connectivity, this keyboard has you covered. It seamlessly supports multiple devices, including Windows/Android and macOS/iOS devices, allowing for convenient switching between different devices and connection modes.

The IF98 Pro boasts a stunning design and incorporates a Gasket Mounted Design structure. This unique design suspends the keyboard plate between the top and bottom covers using gasket mounts and includes sound-absorbing foam layers for added comfort. As a result, typing on the IF98 Pro feels incredibly smooth, accompanied by soft acoustics. Additionally, the keyboard features high-quality screw-in stabilizers, ensuring an easy and comfortable typing experience.



Equipped with premium Gateron G Pro mechanical switches, the IF98 Pro offers a superior typing experience. You have the option to choose between G Pro Yellow, Red, Brown, and Black switches, allowing you to customize the keyboard to your preference. Furthermore, the keyboard supports hot-swappable PCB sockets, making it easy to replace switches. It is compatible with both 3 and 5-pin switches, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of switches available in the market.

YUNZII IF98 Pro doesn't compromise on keycaps either. It features high-quality dual-toned PBT keycaps known for their durability, oil resistance, and wear resistance. The keyboard also includes full-key RGB backlighting, offering multiple RGB effects that can be easily adjusted using the dedicated driver software.

The YUNZII IF98 Pro is a versatile compact keyboard with a 98-key arrangement, making it suitable for both gaming and work purposes. Its sleek design and premium features make it an ideal companion for any user. The IF98 Pro is officially launched with a price of $135.99. For more details, please refer to our website.


Experience the next level of typing satisfaction with the YUNZII IF98 Pro mechanical keyboard. Upgrade your typing game today!


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