Explanation of 1$ promotion activity TTC switches

Explanation of 1$ promotion activity TTC switches

Hello, the promotion activity of 1$ for 10PCS TTC Random Switches aims to allow more keebs to experience TTC switches. Therefore, this blog will introduces some basic information about these TTC switches.

1. Linear Tiger Switch



Durability: 100 Million
Type: Linear
Total travel: 3.7mm
Pre travel: 1.08mm
Operating force: 45±5gf

Carefully crafted zodiac tiger head pattern, precision mold processing patented technology;
The ancient Chinese character "壬寅(Ren Yin)" has a national style, full of charm;
Anti-corrosion coating electroplating process, gold-plated double contacts, reliable and stable.


3. Linear Frozen Silent



Durability: 50 Million
Type: Linear
Total travel: 2.0 mm
Pre travel: 3.5 mm
Operating force: 39±10gf

Silent Linear, Dust Proof, Plate Mount (3 Pin), Crystal Clear Housing

4. Linear Honey keyswitch


Durability: 100 Million
Type: Linear
Total travel: 3.8 mm
Pre travel: 2 mm
Operating force: 42gf

5. Linear Silent Red V3


Operating force:45±10gf


Total travel:3.7-0.4mm

Leaf spring: Gold contact

Terminal: Gold contact

Characteristics: Linear

6. Tactile Silent Brown V3


Operating force: 45±10gf

Pre-travel: 2.0±0.4mm

Total travel: 3.8-0.4mm

Leaf spring: Gold contact

Terminal: Gold contact

Characteristics: Tactile

7. Linear Speed Silver


Support both normal RGB and underglow SMD led.

TTC Speed silver actuation distance is around 1.08mm which is much ahead of normal switch.This is good for many operation games.

Conduction Force is 1.08+0.4/-0.2mm, which is 46% faster than the standard mechanical switch 2.0mm and 10% faster than the traditional silver switch 1.2mm.

The initial force is around 39gf

The operation force is 45gf

The lifetime is around 100 million times

8. TTC Tactile Panda


Tactile 63.5g gold-plated spring

Stem material: POM

Top housing material: PC

Bottom housing material: Nylon

PCB mount


Lubed from the factory

9. Tactile Clicky Brother


1.This link is only the shaft and switches for mechanical keyboard,no keyboard included.It's 3 pin switches

2.It can support SMD leds.

If you want to install 2 pin 4 pin switch leds, you need to solder led at first onto PCB and then put on switches on

3.TTC brother switch is tactile clicky switches,actuation weight is around 37gf.Total travel distance is around 3.75mm

4.The lifetime is around 80 million times

10. Linear Flame Red



Support SMD RGB leds

Operating force: 45±5gf

Durability: 100 million times

Total travel:4.0-0.3mm


Leaf Spring: Gold contact

Terminal : Gold contact

Housing: PA nylon

Axis : POM (factory lubed)

Special Design: collect backlight mirror ,good for backlit through

Spring: The longest spring for TTC , up to 24.5mm,strong rebound.

 11. TTC Gold Pink V2


✔3 Pin Linear 37gf Light Switch, Soft touch but Strong rebound

✔ Better wall structure than 1st Generation, makes it zero scratching sound and more stable

✔37gf Light switch brings comfortable and smooth feeling. Moreover, it protects your fingers and hands during long duration typing & gaming

✔Total travel is 4.0-0.3mm, Pre travel is 2.0±0.3mm, Operating force is 37±5gf, Durability is100 Million. The duration is twice of ordinary mechanical switches.

✔Note: TTC Gold Pink 2nd Generation can only support SMD leds

12. TTC Gold Pink V2 Condenser


Performance is as same as TTC Gold Pink V2, but condenser is added.


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Thank you for running this promotion!

I’m mostly a linear switch user, but I have to say I like your Bluish White switches a lot. I’m debating on adding them and/or a batch of your Loving Heart switches to my collection in the very near future.


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