ZOMOPLUS x One Piece Announces Brand New 3D Moving Artisan Keycaps

ZOMOPLUS x One Piece Announces Brand New 3D Moving Artisan Keycaps

ZOMOPLUS has been the first brand in the Keycap Industry to develop products in collaboration with a famous name. Their One Piece series of keycaps have always been a fan favorite for keyboard and anime enthusiasts from all around the globe. ZOMOPLUS has a huge range of products mainly dealing in keycaps(Artisan, 3D Printed, etc). Today, they are back again with a new release. This time around, they are back again with the One Piece anime series, bringing us a brand new 3D Metallic Artisan Keycap.

ZOMOPLUS X One Piece Artisan Keycap-1

ZOMOPLUS One Piece Ace Artisan Keycap is launched officially for 49.99$, you can check out more information here.

This brand-new Artisan Keycap will be soon available in multiple color options. These are the first ever 3D metallic movable products in the series. The main design element, the hat-shaped design is completely free and rotating. They can be kept on moving for a long time as they have a bearing on the base. It can be described as tabletop decompression artifacts for keycaps. These new keycaps are made up of high-quality 6-series aluminum alloy material, carved using a high-precision CNC machining process. ZOMOPLUS has designed them using a luxurious paint finish with a secondary anodizing process. The One Plus Theme revives your memories of Luffy and his adventures.

ZOMOPLUS X One Piece Artisan Keycap-2

These new Artisan keycaps are launched in mainland China. Soon they will be launched internationally as well. You check here for more information.

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