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CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale Mechanical Keyboard

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale Mechanical Keyboard

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MAC CK75 Driver 

WIN CK75 Driver

Lilac Linear Switch
Operating force:35gf   
Pre Travel:2.0mm  
Total Travel:3.2mm
Bottom force:45gf


>Three-Mode connections.

>Compact 75% keyboard layout.

>Crystal Pudding Styled Keycaps.

>Gasket-mounted structure design.

>Aluminum Chassis.

>Supports full-key hot-swappable sockets.

>Full-key RGB backlight.

>Custom-Developed Lilac Mechanical Switches.

>Full-Key Conflict-Free Operation.

>Ergonomic and comfortable typing experience.

>Stable performance with TO satellite stabilizer under the large keys.

>Long-Lasting Battery Life.

>Mac/Win dual System Support.

>Two-Stage feet.

>Magnetic USB 2.4GHz receiver storage compartment.

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale is a specially designed mechanical keyboard that features a striking fairy design theme. The keyboard features crystal pudding-styled two-color injection-molded keycaps. They have a designer fairy theme design with a beautiful purple combination. CoolKiller has equipped the keyboard with their in-house developed “Lilac” mechanical switches. CK75 Pixel Fairytale brings all the advanced features and gives you a neat 75% layout for a clean desktop!!

Dreamy Fairy Theme Design:-

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale keyboard has got a dreamy fairy theme design. It looks unique and has got a striking Purple color theme with two-color combination. Create your own fairytale desktop setup with the all-new CK75 Pixel Fairytale keyboard.

Compact 75% Mechanical Layout:-

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale keyboard adopts a 75% layout. It saves you a lot on your desk space compared to a full-sized keyboard. It offers easy typing with all required keys including function row keys, alphanumeric keys, arrow keys, etc.

Dynamic RGB Backlight With Crystal Pudding Styled Keycaps:-

CK75 Pixel Fairytale keyboard features crystal pudding-styled keycaps with transparent sides. They enable a dynamic RGB backlight on the keyboard to glow with full glory from all sides. The RGB backlight can be adjusted with a variety of pre-built features.

Custom Lilac Switches & Hot-Swappable Sockets:-

CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale brings you an all-new typing experience with their self-developed Lilac mechanical switches. These are upgraded to deliver better actuation, smooth typing, and long durability. You also get an option to replace the switches with their hot-swappable sockets.

Soft-Elastic Feel With Gasket Mounted & Silicone Padded Structure Design:-

Built-in Silicone padded structure and gasket-mounted structure design bring a super stable, elastic typing feedback with the CoolKiller CK75 Pixel Fairytale Keyboard. This precisely designed internal structure gives a soft and smooth sound as well as typing experience.

Seamless Three-Mode Connectivity:-

CK75 Pixel Fairytale keyboard offers versatile connectivity with seamless three-mode connection support. The keyboard supports wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connections. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect the CK75 Pixel Fairytale to a variety of devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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