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HELLO GANSS HS-Tiger Three Mode Mechanical Keyboard

HELLO GANSS HS-Tiger Three Mode Mechanical Keyboard

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>Unique Year Of The Tiger Themed Design.

>Triple connection modes.

>108-key full-sized and 98-key 90% compact layout options.

>High-speed TTC Tiger Switches.

>Full-key hot-swappable design.

>Dual-tone Dye-Sublimed PBT Keycaps.

>Unique Indicator light positions.

>Full-RGB Backlit design.

>Non-slip feet design.

>Optimised internal structure for an optimized typing angle.

>Powered by Dual AA batteries.

>Cloud-driven software support.

>Multiple System Support(Windows/MAC/Android).

Technical Specifications:-

>Polling rate: 1000Hz.

>Dimensions: 379x132x33mm.

>Weight: 1005grams.

HELLO GANSS HS-Tiger 108T and 98T are newly-designed “Year of the Tiger” themed mechanical keyboards. These are feature-rich mechanical keyboards with triple connection modes, high-speed TTC Tiger mechanical switches, Dual-tone PBT keycaps, full RGB backlit design, etc. The design of the keyboard is simply beautiful with a stunning Tiger-themed design. With their triple connection types, the HS-Tiger keyboards can easily be connected to a variety of devices including Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Bring home the HS-Tiger keyboards to introduce your desktop system to an all-new designer keyboard!!

Year Of The Tiger Is Here:-

HELLO GANSS HS-Tiger keyboards have got an artistic design based on the “Year Of The Tiger” theme. The keyboards look simply spectacular with tiger printed on multiple keycaps including Spacebar, Enter Key, Shift Key, etc.

Full-Sized and 90% Layout Options:-

HELLO GANSS HS-Tiger mechanical keyboards are available in two different layout options. First is the 108T, a full-sized 108-key keyboard that houses everything from the alphanumeric keys to the numeric pad. And the second one is the 98T, a slightly compact 90% layout. This 98T model just mainly removes the Arrow Keys and the Keys placed above the numeric keypad region.

Easy And Wide Connectivity With Triple Connection Modes:-

HELLO GANSS HS-Tiger Keyboard supports triple connection modes. They have the latest Bluetooth connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. They can be connected to multiple systems including Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It can be connected with multiple devices at once and supports seamless switching between them.

Full-Backlit RGB Design:-

HELLO GANSS HS-Tiger keyboards have got a full-backlit design with multiple in-built lighting effects. With their unique design and backlit RGB effects, they create an immersive experience while gaming and doing day-to-day tasks.

Premium TTC Tiger Switches & Hot-Swappable Design:-

HS-Tiger series of keyboards use high-quality TTC mechanical switches. These switches have an improved lifespan, faster trigger response, and linear feedback. The keyboards also have a hot-swappable design where users can easily switch the switches as they desire, completely personalizing their experience with the keyboards.

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