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Lofree Petal Mouse

Lofree Petal Mouse

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>Elegant & Youthful design.

>Unique Nail-Art theme.

>Three sets of patches.

>Cute design with a bunny tail USB receiver.

>2.4GHz and Bluetooth connection modes.

> Five-level DPI adjustment.

>Low power consumption with super long battery life.

>Multiple system support including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Lofree Petal is a unique-looking, cutely designed mouse. Inspired by the aesthetics of nail art, the designer has uniquely crafted the left and right buttons on the Petal in the shape of nail pieces. The mice come with three sets of patches to match different colors and styles allowing you to completely customize the look of your mice as per your requirements. Bring home the Lofree Petal for a unique experience!!

Cutely Designed:-

Lofree Petal has a unique and cute design to itself. The designer has themed the mice on Nail Art, designing the left and right buttons in the shape of Nails. It looks super cute with a mushy Bunny tail USB receiver.

Customize Your Mice With Three Sets of Patches & Two Optional Colors:-

Lofree Petal allows you to completely customize the look and feel of your mice. It comes in two different color options, Emerald and Blush, both of which are simply elegant. The mice come with three sets of patches, now make the Petal as you like it to be. The buttons on the mice are magnetic, making them easy to switch.

Supports Multiple Systems:-

Petal can be used across multiple devices easily. The mice work with Mac systems, Windows systems, Android & iOS devices straight out of the box.

2.4G and Bluetooth Dual Connection Modes:-

Lofree Petal supports dual connection modes. With desktop computers and laptops it can use a 2.4GHz connection for low latency and high speed. For mobile devices such as Tablets & mobile phones, it can be connected easily via Bluetooth connectivity.

Five Levels DPI Adjustment:-

Lofree Petal supports five scales of DPI levels. You can switch between them easily using the DPI button. It supports 800/1200/1600/2400/3200 DPI levels. The default selection for the mice is 1200. 

Lower Power Consumption:-

Lofree Petal has got superb power management. The mice can work for approximately a year with just two AA alkaline batteries. It enters first-level sleep mode in 2 seconds, and the second-level sleep mode in 30 minutes of no operation. Even when you forget to turn it off, the mouse will save its battery on its own.

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