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Skyloong Daydream Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Skyloong Daydream Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

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>Ultra-Thin low-profile design.

>Dye-Sublimed PBT keycaps.

>Matte-Sprayed aluminum alloy chassis.

>Custom-developed low-profile mechanical switches.

>Dual mode connectivity with Wired and Bluetooth connection support.

>Supports Mac/Windows systems.

>Full-Key macro programming.

>RGB Backlighting.

>Lightweight & Ergonomic.

>Compact 65% layout.

>Available in three color options.

Skyloong Daydream is an all-new low-profile mechanical keyboard available in three striking color options. The keyboard has been designed with a 65% compact layout. It features high-quality PBT keycaps with matte-finished aluminum alloy chassis. Skyloong has crafted it in a super compact manner, making it an ideal choice for regular travelers and bloggers who need to have their keyboards handy!!

Ultra-Compact, Super Lightweight:-

Skyloong Daydream is a finely-crafted ultra-compact 65% keyboard. It has an ultra-thin design with the thinnest part measuring just 17mm. The keyboard is just 430 grams in weight, it’s made to travel alongside you!!

Dreamy Design With Exquisite Craftsmanship:-

Skyloong has featured a beautiful artistic design on the latest Skyloong daydream keyboard. It has got exquisite craftsmanship with Dye-sublimed PBT material keycaps and a matte-sprayed aluminum alloy chassis. The keyboard is available in three color options, Pink, White, and Black.

Custom Low-Profile Mechanical Switches:-

In order to deliver a premium typing experience, Skyloong has finely designed three custom-developed low-profile mechanical switch option for the users. The Daydream keyboard is available in three different switch options, Red(linear), Brown(Tactile), and Blue(Clicky).

Multiple Device Dual-Mode Connectivity:-

Skyloong Daydream low-profile mechanical keyboard supports multi-device connectivity. It supports dual-mode connections including USB Type-C detachable and the latest Bluetooth connectivity. The keyboard supports both Windows as well as Mac devices.

Full-Color RGB backlighting:-

Skyloong Daydream mechanical keyboard has got a full-key RGB backlight. The RGB backlighting is dynamic with adjustable pre-built effects. You can also customize your experience with musical rhythmic backlight effects.

Skyloong Daydream Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard
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