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TTC 5 Pin Linear 45gf Tiger Switches Original Version (Factory Pre-lubed)

TTC 5 Pin Linear 45gf Tiger Switches Original Version (Factory Pre-lubed)

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Many of you may unfamiliar with TTC, you can learn more about TTC at

TTC had just launched the standard version of Tiger Switch yesterday, 28th, March 2022. In this video, I disassemble the OG version of Tiger Siwthc to show you the inside contents.



1, No need to mention factory pre-lube, the 25.5mm super long golded string will give you a super strong rebound feeling. Be aware, the operating force of the tiger switch is only 45gf. So far, I had never seen a switch had installed with a 25.5mm golded string.

2, The crafted zodiac tiger head pattern on the switch is processed with the most precision mold instead of a cheap sticker.

3, There are two versions of the TTC tiger switch, the OG and the Standard version. The OG version switches are limited, only TEN thousand had been manufactured. Moreover, every OG tiger switch had been printed with its own ID. OG version is extremely expensive. BUT, the price of the standard version is very reasonable since the design, structure, and performance are completely the same between OG and the Standard version.


TTC Tiger Linear Switch

✔ Fierce as tiger: 25.5mm super long spring with strong rebound feeling; 

✔3 Pin Linear 45gf Light Switch

✔Total travel is 3.7mm, Pre-travel is 1.08mm, Operating force is 45gf, Durability is100 Million. The duration is twice of ordinary mechanical switches.


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