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When it comes to choosing a mechanical keyboard for gaming enthusiasts, the preferences of esports players often serve as a reference. However, it's important to note that sponsored gear doesn't necessarily mean it's the best choice for gaming. Here, we share a website with you HERE which can learn about the gears being used by esports players.

In this blog post, we'll explore the factors that truly matter in a gaming switch and provide insights into why mechanical keyboards are essential for competitive gamers. Let's dive in and find out what makes a gaming switch stand out from the rest.

1. The Importance of Light Actuation Force:

A key feature of a gaming switch is its actuation force, which determines how much pressure is needed to register a keystroke. For games like League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG, and CS:GO, where players need to maintain continuous and precise keystrokes, a light actuation force is crucial. Lower actuation force delays finger fatigue, allowing gamers to perform at their best for longer periods.

2. The Significance of Proper Initial Pressure:

The initial pressure of a switch refers to the force required to make a key enter its travel track. Proper initial pressure prevents accidental keystrokes, reducing the rate of mispresses during intense gaming sessions.

3. Choosing Linear Switches for Gaming:

 Liner switch and tactile switches are the most common types of mechanical keyboard switches. While tactile switches provide a satisfying bump or click sound when pressed, esports players prioritize the smooth and consistent experience of linear switches. The linear switch's fluid and uninterrupted keypress motion is ideal for continuous gaming without distraction.

4. Understanding the Impact of Strong Rebound:

Rebound is the process from a switch's actuation point back to its original point, mainly determined by the spring inside the switch. A switch with a strong rebound helps players achieve faster keystrokes, leading to improved gaming performance. Though the difference in rebound between switches may seem insignificant, repeated keystrokes during gaming sessions accumulate to make a notable impact.


When choosing a mechanical keyboard for gaming, it's crucial to focus on the gaming switch's specific features. Light actuation force, short and proper actuation distance, linear design, and strong rebound are the key elements that enhance gaming performance. While the difference between gaming switches and regular switches may seem subtle, their impact becomes apparent during extended gaming sessions. If you aim to improve your gaming skills and achieve success in competitive gaming, opting for a mechanical keyboard with the right gaming switch is essential.

Check out the following recommended switches to elevate your gaming experience:

  • TTC Tiger Switch: Offers the perfect balance of light actuation force and proper initial pressure for precise gaming control.
  • Kailh Super Speed Silver Linear Switch: Emphasizes a smooth and consistent linear design, providing uninterrupted keystrokes for seamless gameplay.
  • Gateron G Pro 3.0 Switches: Boasts a strong rebound for faster keypresses, giving you a competitive edge in intense gaming scenarios.

Remember, your mechanical keyboard  is more than just a peripheral; it's a valuable tool that can greatly influence your gaming journey. Choose wisely and unlock your full gaming potential!


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