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TTC Tiger Switches, Standard / RGB / Original Version (Factory Pre-lubed)

TTC Tiger Switches, Standard / RGB / Original Version (Factory Pre-lubed)

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TTC Tiger Keyboard Switch - The Best Mechanical Keyboard Switch of TTC

TTC Tiger Switch standard edition installation experience


TTC Tiger Linear Switch Standard / Original ( Blacktop)

  • Operating force: 45gf
  • Pre Travel: 1.08mm
  • Total Travel: 3.7mm
  • Bottom force: 55gf

TTC Tiger Linear Switch  RGB (Transparent top)

  • Operating force: 45gf
  • Pre Travel: 1.08mm
  • Total Travel: 3.7mm , Pre-travel is 1.08mm

A good gaming switch needs to meet several conditions, which are light actuation force, short and proper actuation distance, linear and strong rebound. 

TTC tiger switch got all these elements:

  • Actuation force: 45gf, as same as MX Cherry Silver
  • Actuation distance: 1.08MM, 0.12 MM shorter than MX Cherry Silver(1.2 MM)
  • Initial force: 40gf, 10gf heavier than MX Cherry Silver(30gf)
  • Spring Length25.5 MM, 9.5mm longer than Normal Red, likely the longest spring among all switches.
  • Total travel: 3.7mm, Pre-travel is 1.08mm, Operating force is 45gf, and Durability is 100 Million. The duration is twice of ordinary mechanical switches


  • The OG version switches are limited, only TEN thousand had been manufactured. Moreover, every OG tiger switch had been printed with its own ID. 
  • OG version is extremely expensive. BUT, the price of the standard version is very reasonable since the design, structure, and performance are completely the same between OG and the Standard version.


>Quick & Precise trigger response.

>Linear feedback.

>Extended 25.5mm spring.

>Quick rebound.

>Light trigger force.

>Lego construction.

>Five-pin design.

>Available in RGB and Non-RGB variants.

Based on the basic characteristics of a Tiger, the TTC Tiger mechanical switches offer a ferocious performance with light trigger force, quick trigger response, and a solid rebound. The switches are available in both RGB and Non-RGB variants with RGB variants having a transparent top cover and a condenser to illuminate the RGB effects nicely. Bring a new experience to your keyboard with the TTC Tiger mechanical switches!!

Blessed With The Tiger:

The top cover of the TTC Tiger switches not only have a Golden Tiger engraving but also has the ancient Chinese “Ren Yin” Character engraved onto the shell.

Quick Trigger With Light Trigger Force & Small Pre-Travel:

TTC Tiger switches offer a quick trigger response with an operating force of just 45gf and a pre-travel of just 1.08mm. They have the same pre-travel as the speed silver switches, promising a lightning-fast performance!!

Extended Spring For Quick Rebound:

In order to deliver a quick and soft typing experience, TTC has designed the Tiger switches with an extended 25.5mm spring. This long spring offers a smooth rebound upon key release.

Lego-Like Structure:

TTC Tiger switches are designed with TTC’s patented Lego structure. The components are clipped together and offer an easy-to-use five-pin design. TTC Tiger RGB switches have 9 part construction while the Standard non-RGB switch has 7 part construction.

In this video, we unbox the OG version of Tiger Siwthc to show you the inside contents. 




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