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Kailh Launches Whale Pro Silent Box Mechanical Switches

Mechanical Switches determine the actual feel and feedback for mechanical keyboards. Kailh is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality mechanical switches in the industry. Know more about this company from here.

Today, Kailh has released its latest set of premium mechanical switches, the Kailh Box Pro Whale Ocean Silent switches.

The latest Whale Ocean switches are introduced in two different variants, Linear feedback, and Tactile feedback. These are specially designed switches that house sound-absorbing padding which ensures a super silent operation while typing. Experience smooth and silky typing with quiet acoustics, just like the sea with the all-new Box Pro Whale Ocean Switches.

Kalih Box Pro Whale Ocean Silent Mechanical Switches-1

They come in a set of 10 pieces each, priced at just 6.99$ for the set, know more information here.

With a transparent PC(Polycarbonate) transparent build, the switches look quite premium and elegant. The top cover is transparent while the bottom cover is dark blue. The combination looks neat and clean. With the help of a cross-guided core, the Whale Pro switches to increase the stability of the keystrokes. The switches have a dustproof outer wall design that protects them from dust and water splashes.

Kalih Box Pro Whale Ocean Silent Mechanical Switches-2

Kailh has designed the latest Whale Ocean mechanical switches with their unique Box-like Lego structure. The shaft body is stable and offers a stable typing experience as well. The upper casing and the lower casing clam onto each other forming a firm grip and holding the entire switch and its content together. Both the Box Pro Whale Ocean Linear and Tactile take the same trigger force of just 45gf, a total force of 60gf, and a total key travel of 3.6mm.

More features can get from the brand homepage.

Kalih Box Pro Whale Ocean Silent Mechanical Switches-3

Kailh Box Whale Ocean Pro Silent Switches are designed specially to deliver silky smooth typing with quieter acoustics. These are an ideal choice for your workplace keyboard as the new quiet switches would offer a silent typing experience. The all-new Kailh Whale Box Pro Silent Switches are launched for just 6.99$ for a pack of 10 pieces, check more information here.

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