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Kailh Whale Ocean Silent Pro Box Switches

Kailh Whale Ocean Silent Pro Box Switches

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Whale Ocean Silent Pro Linear Switches
Operating force:45±10gf
Pre Travel:1.8±0.4mm
Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm
Mechanical life:100 million cycles

Whale Ocean Silent Pro Tactile Switches
Operating force:45±10gf
Pre Travel:2.0±0.4mm
Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm
Tactile force:60±10gf
Mechanical life:100 million cycles


>Silent operation.

>Prototype Dust-Wall Design.

>Factory Pre-Lubed Structure.

>Box design structure.

>Cross-Guide Core.

>Available in Linear and Tactile feedback.

>Transparent PC Material build.

>Easy to use straight out of the box.

>Long durability(Up to 100 million keystrokes).

>Beautiful package box.

As gentle as the sea, as vivid as the waves run in the Sea, Kailh Box has introduced us to the all-new Box Pro Whale Ocean mechanical switches. Available in two different variants, Linear and Tactile, the Whale Ocean switches are designed for a super smooth typing experience with a quiet experience. With the help of a padded structure, both the Whale Ocean Linear and the Whale Ocean Tactile offer a silent typing experience!!

Soft & Gentle Typing Experience:-

Kailh Box Pro Whale Ocean mechanical switches promise you smooth typing feedback. The switches offer a soft and gentle touch for both linear as well as tactile feedback switches.

Padded Design For Silent Keystrokes:-

Kailh Box Pro Whale Ocean switches feature a sound-absorbing silencing pad. The silencing effectively absorbs the keystroke sounds and promises a super silent typing experience for all users.

Crossguide Core & Dust-Proof Prototype Wall:-

With the help of a cross-guided core, the Whale Pro switches to increase the stability of the keystrokes. The switches have a dustproof outer wall design that protects them from dust and water splashes.

Lego-Box Structure Design:-

Kailh has designed the latest Whale Ocean mechanical switches with a unique Box-like Lego structure. The shaft body is stable and offers a stable typing experience as well. The upper casing and the lower casing clam onto each other forming a firm grip and keeping the switch body together.

Transparent PC Body:-

Kailh Box has treated the Whale Ocean switches with a light-blue transparent top shell and a dark blue bottom shell. It gives the feeling of being in the deep sea with its soothing color combination. The switches are a real treat to the eyes!!

 Kailh Whale Ocean Silent Pro Box Switches



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