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AJAZZ AK510 Gaming 104Keys Mechanical Keyboard

AJAZZ AK510 Gaming 104Keys Mechanical Keyboard

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Axis Body



Mechanical Switch

Ergonomic design and step keycaps, 2 adjustable and non-slip foot pads to minimize fatigue. 

The Combination of  Stylish and Feeling
Classical Collation: Gray +White
AK510 adopts different colors for various function keys

SA Spherical Keycap
Compared with the common keycaps, SA spherical keycaps are more round and smooth in shape. 
Sideline naturally gathered top and the perfect concave make you enjoy the typing process.

Fine PBT Material
The PBT purity is up to 90%. bringing you comfortable feeling and making a clear sound

Support Drive
If you install a driver, you can make more settings.
Change light mode. Customize key functions and programs.

Fantastic RGB Light Mode
Designed with multiple built-in light modes.
You can also customize your own color via the driver.10 RGB backlight modes, which can be customized by driving, DIY your RGB chroma keyboard. 


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