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AJAZZ B27 Mechanical 104Keys Gaming Keyboard

AJAZZ B27 Mechanical 104Keys Gaming Keyboard

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Axis Body

About it:

  • Operation Style: Mechanical Drive
  • Interface:USB 2.0
  • Style: Standard, Gaming, For Tablet, Solar keyboard, Multifunctional Keyboard, ERGONOMICS, Mechanical, Standard, Gaming, For Tablet, Solar keyboard,
  • Mechanical Type: Wired
  • Interface Type: USB/PS/2
  • Keyboard Standard:104 keys
  • Wrist Support: no Products
  • Status: New
  • Application: Desktop&Laptop
  • Brand Name: Firstlood
  • Model Number: B27
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Keyboard keycap: PBT
  • Interface: USB
  • Keyboard cable:1.6m
  • System Support: WinXP,Win7,Win8,Win10,OCS

Package Contents:

  • 1 * Keyboard
  • 1 * receiver

Show details , express the pursuit of quality Crafted everywhere
The appearance and
texture reach new heights ,Rugged and durable ,with three matching colors

After dozens of precision manufacturing processes ,
to create beautiful and reliable products
Provide a variety of experience .

Dynamic backlight , dreamy andgorgeous flowingthrough
the fingers.

The dazzling body and streamer combinationcreates the Ambilight
in front of you Built-in multiple lighting effects

104-key standard layout , enhanced
functionsspace and functionare balanced and coordinated

Full-size 104-key layout , while retaining the complete keyboard function ,
Increase the key combination for further keyboard functions

Wired connection , separation of bond wires
Mainstream data interface , regardless of pros and cons ,
supports blind insertion

Quick response at the same time , fast hand The reaction is fast and
the audience is vertical and horizonta

Millisecond input , real-time signal processing ,
millisecond response , character input will not conflict .
Proprietary program driven ,freely definedyour own keyboard
Modify the plan , full-key macro settings ,drive adjustment ,
light adjustment , and button settings

Carefully select keyboard materials
Just for a perfect user experience

Durable and stable , crisp and crisp ,High sensitivity and accuracy .
Life span of 50 million hits , crisp hand feeling , sensitiveresponse , comfortable hand feeling
Stable performance , feel the same every time you use it .

Carefully adjust the satellite axis
Make the big key and long key feel stable and stable during use

The closed Shuangpin keycap has adelicateand beautiful touch
Not afraid of the test of time

It feels fine and smooth , and will not produce greasy
feeling after long-term use . Two-color double fight
Personality contrasts color , beautiful and generous .

Side engraved ico
Side-engraved icons highlight
personality , keycap icons and characters
Reasonable distribution . concise and clear


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