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AJAZZ K840T Bluetooth Mechanical 84 Keys Gaming Keyboard

AJAZZ K840T Bluetooth Mechanical 84 Keys Gaming Keyboard

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Two different styles for you to choose

  • Choose your favorite keyboard, let the color on your desktop release to the top of your bent.
  • Match your desktop style and show your desktop style.

The quality choice to build attentively

Give players more choice

Bluetooth back connection/code matching

  • FN+PGDN combination pressed to switch to Bluetooth device 1, PGDN light blinks three times and then stop blinking to indicate successful switching.
  • Press 3S for code pairing, PGDN light flashing, pairing success light stop flashing.
  • FN+END combination pressed to switch to Bluetooth device 2, END light flashing three times and stop flashing to indicate Successful switching Press 3S for code pairing, END light flashes, light stops flashing after successful pairing.
  • Millisecond Input, Real-time Signal Processing, Millisecond Response Character Input Without Conflict.


  • Carved luxurious texture, carefully selected excellent leather, delicate touch fingertips.
  • Integration of traditional technology carefully ensures the quality of each leather.

TYPE - C interface

  • Adopt key line separation design, wired-wireless switch at will, wired connection Plug and play without selecting terminals or devices.
  • Wireless connection, wireless bondage.
  • The transmission is fast and stable, and the delay is not felt.

Compact and Comfortable

  • Delicate mini-mechanical keyboard, to the desktop, to make more space slightly concave round keycap design to fit each fingertip, so that typing into a comfortable enjoyment.
  • The keyboard size is small, reducing hand movement, allowing you to preserve a natural and comfortable posture.

Built-in Lithium Battery for Long Battery Life

The keyboard has a 1500MAH lithium battery With a low power chip and energy-saving technology, simpler and more convenient.

A Mechanical Experience that Satisfies Touch and Hearing

The white peach mousse keyboard recreates the typing enjoyment of traditional typewriters, with a "click-click"  crisp with each click You can't put down the mechanical sounds. Typing has never been so addictive.


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