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AKKO Carbon Retro ASA Profile/Cherry Profile Keycaps Set

AKKO Carbon Retro ASA Profile/Cherry Profile Keycaps Set

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The Akko Carbon Retro Keycap Set

Sculpted in the Akko's ASA profile, this keycap set is designed to fit different layouts of mechanical keyboard with a more familiar keycap height equivalent to the OEM profile while maintaining the aesthetics of SA profile.

Made through PBT double-shot process, these keys are resistant to friction, fading, and shining with crisp legends.

The keycap set comes out with a standard ANSI layout and large keycaps (especially spacebar) may not fit with some keyboard base with non-standard layouts. We recommend Cherry-style stabilizers for plug-and-play installation. Mod may be required for other types of stabilizers for large keys.

ASA Profile

Number of Keys: 158Keys
Material: PBT Double Shot
Cherry Profile
Number of Keys: 229Keys
Material: PBT Double Shot





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