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CIY GAS67 Gasket Keyboard Kit

CIY GAS67 Gasket Keyboard Kit

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Amibit CIY's first gasket keyboard, is premium in quality and budget in price.

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  • Type: Gasket
  • Socket: Amibit Hot-Swap Socket (Compatible with MX and BOX Switches, 3Pin and 5Pin), North-Facing
  • Connectivity: Type-C
  • Plate: PC
  • Dampening Pad: Molded Silicone, Enhanced Noice Cancellation
  • Gaskets: PORON (16 Long, 8 Short)
  • Stock Stabs: POM PCB Mount Stabs (Unlubed)
  • PCB: 1.2mm-thick High-Quality PCB
  • Switch-Dampening-Pad
  • Type-C Daughter PCB
  • RGB Customizable Backlights
  • Remappable Keys
  • High quality coiled cable included



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