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DAREU Z19 Numpad

DAREU Z19 Numpad

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>19-Key Compact Layout.

>Can be used as Calculator.

>Dual-Mode Connectivity(USB+Bluetooth).

>SImple & Convenient.

>Sugar Cube Shaped Keycaps.

>Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

>Kailh MX Light Mechanical Switches.

>Clear White Backlight.

>Dimensions: 147x95x39mm.

>Weight: 200±5grams.

Introducing the all-new DAREU Z19 numpad keyboard. Featuring a display screen, the Z19 can also be used as an independent calculator. It has a 19-key compact structure design with high-quality SugarCube-shaped PBT material keycaps. Use the Z19 as an independent Numeric Pad or simply as a calculator!!

Full Keypad For Ultra-Compact Keyboards:

DAREU Z19 is a highly useful numeric keypad for people who like to use ultra-compact keyboards. Pair it easily with your 60-65% or even 75-80% compact keyboard form factors and use it as a complete numeric keypad for adding numeric values easily.

Functions as an Independent Calculator:

DAREU Z19 also works as an independent calculator as well. The keypad has a built-in display screen that helps you do basic arithmetic calculations anywhere you want.

Dual-Mode Connectivity:

DAREU Z19 Keypad supports easy dual-mode connectivity. It supports wireless Bluetooth as well as Wired USB connectivity with a detachable Type-C connector cable. You can connect it with your choice of source!!

Sweet & Elegant Design:

The Z19 Keypad has a sweet and elegant design. It adopts Sugar Cube-shaped rounded keycaps made up of high-quality PBT material. The keypad has a simple clear white colored backlight as well.

Kailh MX Light Mechanical Switches:

DAREU Z19 keypad has a comfortable typing experience for the users. It packs high-quality Kailh MX Light switches which have a light trigger and high durability. Typing on the Z19 keypad is satisfying and smooth with a quick rebound.

Built-in 200mAh Battery:

DAREU Z19 packs a 200mAh battery that provides the users with a battery life of up to 4 days with the backlight turned off and up to 3 days with the backlight turned on.

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