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Darmoshark K3PRO Numpad

Darmoshark K3PRO Numpad

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>Premium 19-Key Numeric Keypad.

>RGB Backlight with 12 Lighting Effects.

>Three-Mode Connectivity.

>Full-Key Programmable Design.

>Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets.

>Premium Huano Mechanical Switches.

>Ergonomic 15° Angled Design.

>Rotatable Knob for RGB Switching.

>Fn key Functions.

>Compatible With Driver Software.

Darmoshark K3 Pro Numeric Keypad is a 19-key Numpad mechanical keyboard that you pair with your keyboard whenever the need for a numeric keypad arises. The 19-key structure is optimized and designed for easy pairing and easy implementation with any keyboard layout. It helps you improve your efficiency in work and entertainment with a detached numeric keypad design. The K3 Pro supports three-mode connections including Wireless and Wired options!!

Premium 19-key Design:-

If you are someone who loves a compact build structure and happy with a 60-65% or even a TKL keyboard, you can use the Darmoshark K3 Pro Numpad whenever the need for a numeric keypad arises. The best part is that it has a detachable design, so users can use it as they prefer and as per their comfort.

Three-Mode Connectivity:-

Easily pair the K3 Pro with your devices using the three-mode connection option. The Darmoshark K3 Pro supports leading devices with Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity options.

Full-Key Programmable Design:-

You can program the keys on the K3 Pro easily using the Darmoshark driver software. It has full Fn key function support and macro programming. For different functions. Macro programming can be done easily using the Darmoshark driver.

Premium Huano Mechanical Switches:-

The K3 Pro Numeric Keypad offers amazing performance with comfortable typing with the help of new-generation Huano mechanical switches. They are light and have a smooth actuation. The typing feels stable and crisp. K3 Pro has hot-swappable sockets, so you can also replace the switches whenever required.

Comfortable Typing With Ergonomic Angled Design:-

In order to provide a comfortable typing experience to its users, Darmoshark has designed the K3 Pro with an ergonomic 15° angled design. It ensures a comfortable and stable typing for the users.

Multi-Color RGB Backlight:-

Darmoshark K3 Pro numeric keypad features a multicolor RGB backlit design. The simple and compact keypad features about 12 different lighting effects that help you personalize the experience with the keypad.


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