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DURGOD Hi Keys Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard

DURGOD Hi Keys Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard

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Turbo Brown Tactile switch

  • Operating force:40±10gf
  • Pre Travel:2.0±0.4mm
  • Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm
  • Operating Life:80 million

Turbo Silent Red Linear switch

  • Operating Force:45±10gf   
  • Pre Travel:1.7±0.4mm  
  • Total Travel:4.0±0.3mm 
  • Operating Life:50 million



>84-Key Compact Layout.

>Dual-Mode Wireless Connectivity(Wireless 2.4Ghz/Bluetooth).

>White ambient backlight.

>Newly designed Square Rounded keycaps.

>High-Performance Custom Mechanical Switches.

>Up to 360 days of battery life.

>Iridium-plated connection mode switch.

>Full-key conflict-free operation.

>Adjustable height.

DURGOD Hi Keys is a brand new keyboard from the latest “Hi” series by DURGOD. It’s a dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard that supports wireless 2.4GHz, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily switch between the modes with the help of an Iridium-plated mode-switching knob. The keyboard has an 84-key compact TKL layout with all-new square-shaped keycaps with a rounded top. It provides an excellent typing experience with its all-new customized mechanical switches. With its new shape and design, the DURGOD Hi Keys keyboard brings an all-new experience for the users!!

Dual-Mode Wireless Connectivity:

DURGOD Hi Keys mechanical keyboard features dual-mode wireless connectivity. It can be used with a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It automatically detects the connected system and adjusts the keys according to it.

All-New Design With Square-Shaped Keycaps:

DURGOD Hi Keys is an all-new keyboard with an all-new design theme. The keyboard looks spectacular as it features specially developed square-shaped keycaps with a rounded top. The rounded top allows for easy placement of the fingers and enables a comfortable typing experience.

Premium Mechanical Switches:

DURGOD Hi Keys keyboard comes equipped with customized Turbo mechanical switches. It gives the buyer a choice between Turbo Silent Red(Linear) and Turbo Brown switches(Tactile). The Silent Red switches have a durability of 50 million keystrokes while the Turbo Brown has got 80 million keystrokes.

Exquisite Atmosphere With Rich White Backlight:

DURGOD Hi Keys mechanical keyboard features an Ambient White backlight with pre-built lighting effects on the keyboard. It creates an elegant and vivid atmosphere for the users.

Long Battery Life:

DURGOD has equipped the Hi Keys keyboard with a built-in battery that provides up to 360 hours of usage with a single charge while using Bluetooth connectivity. Even with high-speed wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, Hi Keys has got over 200 hours of battery life.


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