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DURGOD K610W/K620W Hot-swap Three Modes Mechanical Keyboard

DURGOD K610W/K620W Hot-swap Three Modes Mechanical Keyboard

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>Triple-connection modes.

>Latest Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.

>K610W(full-sized keyboard).

>K620W(87-keys TKL).

>Durgod Custom-developed high-performance Mechanical Switches.

>Full-key hot-swappable design & no backlight.

>Cherry profile PBT keycaps.

>No-conflict full-key design.

Technical Specs:

>No. Of Keys: 87(620W), 104 (610W).

>Connection modes: Wireless Bluetooth V5.0, Wireless 2.4Ghz, and Wired USB Type-C.

>Gateron Switch Options: Red, Brown, Silver, Silent Red.

>Polling Rate: 1000Hz.

>Battery Life: up to 360 days.

DURGOD K610W and K620W are two brand-new wireless mechanical keyboards. Both the keyboards support triple-connection modes including Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and wired USB Type-C connectivity. The K610W is a full-sized keyboard with 104 key layouts while the K620W is a compact 87-key TKL layout. Bring home the DURGOD K610W/K620W mechanical keyboard today for a smooth wireless experience.

Triple Connection Modes:

DURGOD K610W and K620W both the keyboards support triple connection modes. They have full Bluetooth V5.0(also compatible with BT 4.0 devices), Wireless 2.4Ghz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. The keyboard can be connected to up to three devices at once and support seamless switching between them.

Durgod custom-developed mechanical switches:

DURGOD K610W/K620W adopts high-quality custom-developed mechanical switches. The keyboards are available in Red, Brown, Silver, and Silent Red switch options. Red here has a linear feel, Brown gives a tactile feel, the Silver switches have a faster response time with linear feedback, Brown ones give you a slightly bumpy feel with soft acoustics(tactile feedback), and Silent Red gives a linear and smooth feel with a quiet response.

Hot-Swappable PCB:

DURGOD K610W/620W wireless mechanical keyboards have got hot-swappable PCB design. This allows full customization for the users to change the switches to their liking, or simply upgrade them to their liking.

Impressive Build With Dual-Toned PBT Keycaps:

Crafted using high-quality dual-toned PBT keycaps. PBT keycaps are highly durable, they are wear and oil resistant. They are crafted using high-quality dual-tone injection-molded technologies. The legends are crisp and they are printed using dual-injected mode so the legends don’t wear off quickly.

Full Integration With Durgod ZEUS software:

DURGOD K610W and K620W both the keyboards get full integration with the Durgod Zeus driver software. It enables the users to adjust the backlight effects and also allows them to create macro commands as required.

Large Battery For Extended Battery Life:

DURGOD K6110W and K620W house a large capacity battery. Once the keyboards are fully charged, they provide a highly extended battery life of up to 360 days. It takes about 3 hours to completely charge the keyboards.


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