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Fopato F75 Mechanical Keyboard

Fopato F75 Mechanical Keyboard

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>Compact 75% Layout.

>Smart Colorful Display Screen.

>Easy To Setup With Three-Mode Connections.

>Multimedia Volume knob.

>Silent & Comfortable Typing.

>Gasket Mounted Structure Design.

>Double-Layer Sound-Absorbing Design.

>Premium TTC Mechanical Switches.

>Premium PBT Keycaps.

>Full-key Hot-Swappable Sockets.

>Magnetic Metallic Designer Nameplate.

>Dynamic RGB Backlight With 22 Built-in Effects.

>Large 4800mAh Battery.

>Extended Battery Life of up to 400 hours.

>Easy & Comfortable Typing.

>Dual-System Support(Windows/Mac).

>Dimensions: 341.92x152.11x26.83mm.

>Weight: 1480 grams.

Fopato F75 is a brand new three-mode mechanical keyboard with a compact 75% form factor and a built-in intuitive display screen. It’s a very well-built keyboard that promises silent acoustics and comfortable typing with dual-layered padded designs and gasket mounted structure. With three-mode connectivity, the F75 keyboard can be connected to any given device of your choice. The smart display screen is quite unique and adds a premium factor to the already amazing F75!!

Smart Intuitive Colorful Display Screen:-

Fopato F75 comes equipped with a bright 1.14” smart TFT-LCD display screen. It shows various functions and settings on the system including time, connection mode, system switching, gif animations, etc. There’s also a knob right next to the screen which allows you to change the display settings.

Premium Typing Experience With Gasket Structure:-

Typing on the F75 is silky smooth all thanks to the Gasket Mounted Structure design on the keyboard. The keyboard plate is freely connected using gasket mounts in the top and bottom cover. The gasket structure gives the keyboard a comfortable and elastic feel while typing. This along with the dual-layered silicone padding design ensures a comfortable elastic feel with silent acoustics while typing on the keyboard.

Compact & Versatile Form Factor:-

Fopato F75 has a compact TKL 75% layout. It has a neat layout that helps you create the perfect system with a compact keyboard that occupies little space. The keyboard has an 81-key arrangement.

Smart Three-Mode Connectivity:-

Fopato F75 mechanical keyboard support multi-device connection with its three-mode connection support. It can be connected using high-speed wireless 2.4GHz, multi-device Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. The F75 supports Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices.

Full-Color RGB Backlight:-

Fopato has featured dynamic full-color RGB lighting on the F75. It has about 22 built-in lighting effects including both static and dynamic effects. You can play around and find the perfect one that suits your experience.

Ultra-High Capacity Rechargeable battery:-

Fopato F75 houses a large 4800mAh rechargeable battery that provides the keyboard with extended battery life. With both RGB and screen turned on, the F75 provides a battery life of. Up to 15 hours, with the screen on but the backlight off, the keyboard provides a battery life of. Up to 60 hours. But when we turn both the screen and RGB off, we get a battery life of up to 400 hours.

Fopato F75 Mechanical Keyboard


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