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Gateron Baby Kangaroo 5pin Tactile Switches

Gateron Baby Kangaroo 5pin Tactile Switches

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>Completely transparent top cover.

>Nylon PA66 White base.

>Bright Green POM Stem.

>Smooth Tactile operation.

>Gateron’s automatic self-lubrication technology.

>Gold-plated spring.

>Long lifespan of up to 60 million keystrokes.

Technical Specs:

>Operating force: 59gf.

>Pre-trigger: 2.0±0.5mm.

>Total travel: 3.4mm Max.

>Bottom Out Force: 43±2gf.

Presenting the all-new Gateron G-Pro Baby Kangaroo mechanical switches. These are premium tactile switches with a transparent top cover, Nylon White base, and Bright green POM stem. They are highly durable and have a smooth typing operation with tactile feedback upon keystroke. As their name tells us, the Baby Kangaroo switches have high tactile feedback with a peak actuation at 0.5mm. You can easily upgrade your hot-swappable mechanical keyboards or regular mechanical keyboards with the Baby Kangaroo switches as they have a five-pin socket design.

Transparent Top-Cover:

The top cover on the Baby Kangaroo switches is completely transparent. It is made up of high-quality PC(PolyCarbonate) material. With the transparent cover, it allows support for SMD LEDs for backlighting on the keyboard giving you full control over customization for your keyboard.

Long & Rigid Gold-Plated Spring:

Baby Kangaroo switches feature a 22mm double-stage gold-plated spring. This spring offers a quick rebound upon keystrokes and gives a strong tactile bounce upon key press.

Vertical Crosspoint Contact:

The switch body is closed using vertical crosspoint contacts at the right angle. They get easily locked onto the keyboard positioning plate and give a properly smooth typing experience free from wobbling and vibration issues.

Super Smooth Typing With Gateron Self-Lubricating Technology:

Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches use the brand’s automatic self-lubricating technology. They are factory self-lubed for a smooth typing experience. With each keypress, you will notice the keyboard gets smoother and smoother.


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