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Gateron EverFree EF Switches

Gateron EverFree EF Switches

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EF Red 5-pin Switch

  • Operating Force:45gf   
  • Pre Travel:2.0±0.6mm  
  • Total Travel:4.0mm MAX 
  • Spring length:20mm

EF Yellow 5-pin Switch

  • Operating Force:50gf   
  • Pre Travel:2.0±0.6mm  
  • Total Travel:4.0mm MAX 
  • Spring length:15mm

EF Brown 5-pin Switch

  • Operating Force:55gf   
  • Pre Travel:2.0±0.6mm  
  • Total Travel:4.0mm MAX 
  • Spring length:20mm


>Premium Craftsmanship.

>Factory Self-Lubricating Design.

>Fan-Shaped Light Hole Design(Light Guide Column).

>Double-Core Pin Design For Secure Grip.

>Anti-Oxidation Metal Contacts.

>Five-Pin Design.

>Comfortable & Stable Axis.

>Can be Customized with Custom Logo Design.

>Available in Red, Yellow, & Brown Switch Options.

Everfree is a brand new sub-brand to Gateron. They have unveiled their all-new series of high-performance mechanical switches based on the famous Gateron G Pro switches. EverFree EF switches are available in three varieties, Red, Yellow, and Brown axis. They are made up with great precision and features including light columns for bright and dazzling backlighting. Their self-lubricating design ensures comfortable typing and the 5-pin contacts make them compatible with mode hot-swappable keyboards in the market today!!!!

Premium Craftsmanship:-

EverFree EF switches are crafted with great precision and quality. They have a superb build with a transparent top cover, milky bottom cover, and colorful switch axis. EverFree has used the same crafting technique as Gateron to offer a premium experience for users.

Super-Smooth Typing With Self-Lubricating Design:-

EverFree EF switches offer an excellent typing experience with a self-lubricating design. The switches come factory-lubed and offer a swift operation with the silky smooth movement of the switch axis.

Stable Connection With Dual-Core Five-Pin Design:-

EverFree has designed the new EF switches with a double-core pin design. This gives the switches a firm and solid grip with the PCB sockets ensuring a wobble-free typing experience. The metallic components on the switch are made with an anti-oxidation coating to improve their durability and make them corrosion-resistant. The EF switches are compatible with most hot-swappable keyboards as the switches have a 5-pin design.

Bright & Vivid Backlight With Light-Guide Column:-

EverFree has designed the EF switches with a lamp-shaped light column that allows the backlit of your keyboard to peep through and enhances its design. The resulting experience is brighter and dazzling creating a more dynamic user experience.

Available In Three Varieties:-

EverFree EF switches are made available in three different options. You get Red, Yellow, and Brown switch options based on the Gateron G Switches.


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