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Gateron G Pro 2.0 Switches

Gateron G Pro 2.0 Switches

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The G Pro 2.0 switches upgraded their mold from the original G Pro Series and offer an RGB SMD condenser, which is renowned for its dynamic lighting effect and tactile typing experience.

The 3-Pin switches are compatible with any 3-Pin/5-Pin MX mechanical keyboard with underflow SMD-LED light, or RGB-SMD lights, which allows you to pick from a wide variety of available keyboards.

Reduced Spring Noises

This self-lubricating mechanical switch with a 3-Pin mount not only has a reduced spring noise and less stem wobbliness but also its anti-oxidation alloy contacts ensure a longer switch lifespan. 

Better Backlight Transmission

The light opening on the upper housing has a light-concentrating spot and light-guiding column to make the whole switch look crystal clear and provide better light performance to the typist and gamer.

Pre-lubed And Smooth

The switch is lubed before leaving the factory to increase the smoothness of the switch. If you want to try out the linear, tactile and clicky typing feel, then the Gateron G Switch is a must-have.

Note: G Pro 2.0 Blue Switch is unlubed.

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