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HelloWord Smart Keyboard (Customized Modular Keyboard)

HelloWord Smart Keyboard (Customized Modular Keyboard)

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This is the first time HelloWord Smart Keyboard was published in public.

IPOPULAR is currently the exclusive partner for this launch.

HelloWord 75 (Hanwen 75) Mechanical Keyboard is a Lego structure mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is combined with individual modular. There is a multifunctional scene interaction module on the left which various custom components can replace. A Dynamic part with an electronic ink screen and FOC force feedback knob is used by default. It uses keyboard firmware and module firmware based on an ARM Cortex-M chip. The keyboard body uses a shift register to realize an optimized key scan circuit. The module and keyboard body can be used independently, or they could communicate and invoke each other through the serial port protocol. Check out more technical details from our Blog.


  • Gasket structure
  • Hifi typing sounding with porom cotton
  • Size: 380mm*142mm*51mm
  • Materials & Finish
  • 6061 aluminum
  • PC material for lighting components
  • Connections: USB-C
  • Layouts: 75%
  • 1.2 mm Thickness Flex Cut PCB


  • Keyboard Top Shell * 1
  • Keyboard Bottom Shell * 1
  • Hub Top Shell* 1
  • Hub Bottom Shell * 1
  • Module Top Shell * 1
  • Module Bottom Shell* 1
  • Buttons * 2
  • Button Cap * 1
  • Oled Screen * 1
  • Ink Screen * 1
  • 2204 brushless motor* 1
  • Main PCB *1 & Other 9 PCBs
  • Some screws
HelloWord Smart Keyboard
HelloWord Smart Keyboard
HelloWord Smart Keyboard
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