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Hyeku E2/E4Pro Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

Hyeku E2/E4Pro Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

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>Versatile Three-Mode Connectivity.

>Comfortable Typing With Elastic Gasket Structure.

>Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets With 5-pin Compatibility.

>Durable PBT Keycaps(SA Profile).

>Premium Kailh Box Black Berry Ice Cream POK Switches.

>Full-Key Conflict-Free Operation.

>Two-Level Adjustable Feet.

>Dynamic RGB Backlighting.

>Musical Rhythmic Effects.

>Long Battery Life.

>Double Head Wireless 2.4GHz Receiver.

>Magnetic Hand Rest.

>Driver Support.

>Available In 83-Key Compact(E2 Pro) and 99-Key(E4 Pro) Layouts.

HYEKU has come up with brand new “E” series of mechanical keyboards with the release of E2 Pro and E4 Pro models. Both the models have a compact layout with E2 Pro having an 83-key arrangement while the E4 Pro with a 99-key arrangement. They have versatile three-mode connectivity and come equipped with the latest-launched Kailh Box Ice Cream POK material mechanical switches. You can also opt for other switch options while purchasing and can replace the switches as well later on with a 5-pin hot-swappable design. HYEKU has featured full-colour RGB backlighting on the “E” series with dynamic musical rhythmic effects support. HYEKU E series of keyboards are designed to be a perfect match for every desktop system!!

Difference Between E2 Pro & E4 Pro:

Both the E2 Pro and E4 Pro are identical in their features and performance. The E2 Pro has a compact 75% layout with an 83-key arrangement and the E4 Pro has a compact 90% build with a 99-key arrangement.

Connect As You Like:

You can connect the E2 Pro and E4 Pro keyboards to a variety of sources with your choice of connection method. The “E” series supports versatile three-mode connectivity. The keyboards support multi-device Bluetooth connectivity, High-speed Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity.

Comfortable Elastic Gasket Structure:

Hyeku has designed the E2/E4 Pro keyboards with an elastic gasket-mounted structure design. They have customized one-piece silicone pads that seamlessly provide a cushion for the keyboard plate as well as fill the empty space inside the keyboard promising soft acoustics and comfortable typing.

Equipped With the Latest Kailh Blackberry Ice Cream POK Material Switches:

The E2/E4 Pro keyboards are designed with a variety of switch options. Users can choose between them while finalizing the purchase. These are the world’s first keyboards with Kailh’s latest Black Berry Ice Cream POK Material mechanical switches. With a self-lubricating design, the Blackberry Ice Cream switches promise silky smooth typing feedback and have great durability.

Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets:

Keyboard enthusiasts can customize their experience with the E2 Pro and E4 Pro Keyboards as both models feature full-key hot-swappable designs. It allows for easy replacement of the switches by simple pull and plug method. The keyboards are compatible with 5-pin switches.

Full Multi-Color RGB Backlight:

Hyeku E2/E4 Pro keyboards come equipped with a full-key RGB Backlit design. They support multiple static and dynamic lighting effects including musical rhythmic effects. The backlight settings can be easily adjusted using driver software.

SA Profile PBT Keycaps:

Hyeku has designed the E2/E4 Pro keyboards with high-quality durable PBT material keycaps. PBT material is known for its durability and oil-resistant build. The legends won’t fade off easily and have good durability.

Magnetic Hand Rest:

Typing on the Hyeku E2 and E4 Pro keyboards is super comfortable. Firstly the SA profile PBT keycaps are super comfy to type on, secondly, the silky POK material mechanical switches, and thirdly the detachable magnetic hand rest. Users who are always on the keyboard will benefit greatly as the hand rest provides great comfort when using the keyboard for long hours.

Long Battery Life:

Hyeku E2 and E4 Pro keyboards are equipped with a large 4600mAH Battery. They also have a low-power consumption design, promising long battery life with the keyboards.

Pre-order Hyeku E2/E4Pro Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard


Pre-order Hyeku E2/E4Pro Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard
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