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Hyeku I Series Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

Hyeku I Series Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard

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Kailh Red Clouds PRO Linear Switch (Red)

  • Operating force:37gf   
  • Pre Travel:1.9±0.3mm 
  • Total Travel:4.0±0.3mm
  • Tactile Force: 42gf  

Kailh Ridge PRO Clicky Tactile Switch (Green)

  • Operating force:48gf   
  • Pre Travel:1.1±0.3mm 
  • Total Travel:3.5±0.3mm
  • Tactile Force: 45gf 

Kailh Desert PRO Tactile Switch (Brown)

  • Operating force:38gf   
  • Pre Travel:1.1±0.3mm 
  • Total Travel:3.5±0.3mm
  • Tactile Force: 60gf 


>Premium Aluminum Alloy Frame.

>Available in different layout options.

>Detachable Type-C connector cable.

>Immersive RGB Backlighting.

>Premium Customised Kalih MX Mechanical Switches.

>Five-Pin Hot-Swappable Sockets.

>Durable PBT Keycaps.

>Soubd-Absorbing Silicone Padded Structure.

>Full-Key Conflict-Free Operation.

>Ergonomic & Comfortable Design.

Upgrade your desktop setup with the all-new I Series range of premium mechanical keyboards with an aluminum alloy frame. Designed with top-quality Kalih MX-styled mechanical switches and premium PBT keycaps, the I Series of mechanical keyboards packs a premium and comfortable typing experience for its users. The keyboards are designed with a sound-absorbing silicone padded structure that effectively reduces the cavity sounds by filling up the empty spaces. Hyeku I Series comes in a variety of form factors ranging from the 83-key i2 to the 108-key i5 model!!

Premium Finish With Aluminum Alloy Frame:

Hyeku I Series of mechanical keyboards is designed with a 5-axis CNC machined aluminum alloy frame. The outer chassis of the keyboard is made using high-quality aluminum alloy material. It has been finished properly for a rich look and solid build structure.

Get an Immersive Experience With RGB backlighting:

Hyeku has featured multi-color RGB backlighting on the I series of mechanical keyboards. They have pre-built lighting effects that can be cycled easily and the preferred effect can be chosen.  With their bright RGB backlighting, the I Series Hyeku keyboards create a completely vivid experience.

Sound-Absorbing Silicone Padded Structure:

Hyeku I series keyboards feature a sound-absorbing silicone padded structure design. A padding layer has been placed at the empty places inside the Keyboard’s chassis, this effectively absorbs keystroke pressure and sharp resonance sounds, presenting the users with a smooth typing experience with softer acoustics.

Five-Pin Hot-Swappable Sockets:

The Hyeku I Series keyboards adopt a hot-swappable socket design allowing the users to easily replace the switches whenever they feel required. The keyboard has 5-pin hot-swappable sockets.

Durable PBT Keycaps:

The keycaps for the Hyeku I Series of mechanical keyboards are crafted using high-quality PBT material. They offer great durability with excellent wear and oil-resistant nature.

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