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Hyeku Y7 Mechanical Keyboard

Hyeku Y7 Mechanical Keyboard

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>Compact 82-Key TKL Layout.

>All-Aluminum Chassis.

>Carbon Fiber Strip on Back Panel.

>Detachable Magnetic Feet.

>High-quality Aluminum Alloy SheepSkin Detachable Handrest.

>Versatile Three-Mode Connectivity.

>Pure Gasket Structure Design.

>Multi-Color RGB Backlight.

>Five-Pin Hot-Swappable Sockets.

>Dual-Tone Injection Molded PBT keycaps.

>Full-Key Conflict-Free Operation.

>High-Quality Customised Kailh Mechanical switches.

>Custom Macro Programming.

>5000mAh Large-Capacity Battery.

>Comes in a high-quality Keyboard Box.

HYEKU Y7 is a brand new compact 82-key keyboard with a premium all-aluminum build and versatile three-mode-connection support. You get high-quality all-metallic aluminum alloy chassis available in two stunning color options. The HYEKU Y7 comes with high-quality Kailh mechanical switches for smoother performance and long durability. You get a fully comfortable typing experience with the Hyeku Y7 as the keyboard comes with magnetic detachable feet and high-quality aluminum and sheepskin detachable handrest!!

Premium Finish With All-Aluminum Chassis:

HYEKU has designed the all-new Y7 mechanical keyboard with a high-quality aluminum alloy chassis. The body of the keyboard has been crafted using great precision and multiple processes to achieve a clear finish with a premium build. The back plate also has a strip of carbon fiber to enhance the look with an elegant finish.

Compact 82-Key Layout:

The HYEKU Y7 mechanical keyboard has a compact 82-key layout. It is a compact TKL layout that offers a suitable key arrangement for multiple scenarios including gaming and official usage. TKL keyboards are preferred by gamers for their compact yet practical layout.

High-Quality Detachable Magnetic Hand-Rest:

HYEKU Y7 has a high-quality detachable handrest. It’s made up of an aluminum alloy frame and sheepskin foam padding. It makes typing on the keyboard much more comfortable.

Pure Gasket Structure:

HYEKU Y7 mechanical keyboard promises comfortable typing with its gasket-mounted structure design. The keyboard is super comfortable to type on, each keystroke is absorbed by the elastic response of the keyboard plate. The keyboard also has silicone padding which also enhances the typing experience for the users.

Three-Connection Modes:

Connect the HYEKU Y7 mechanical keyboard with your source using your preferred mode of connection. The keyboard supports versatile three-mode connectivity featuring full Wireless Bluetooth/2.4GHz connections and a Wired USB Type-C connection. You can connect the keyboard to a wide variety of devices using three-mode connectivity.

Dynamic RGB Backlight:

HYEKU has featured dynamic RGB backlighting on the Y7. Using custom software, the backlighting can be adjusted in different static and dynamic effects. This software also helps users to program macro functions on the keyboard.

Comes With Protective Carry Case:

HYEKU bundles the Y7 with a high-quality custom-developed canvas texture case. The case has a canvas texture with a thickened luggage-like design. It is super protective and allows you to carry the Y7 with you anywhere you go.

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