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IDOBAO Virtual War Series XDA Keycaps Set

IDOBAO Virtual War Series XDA Keycaps Set

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Superiority ---- Blend design and technology, different from other PBT keycaps, completely high-density materials and processes to bring the customization experience
High gloss ---- Dye-sublimation makes the characters clear and shiny
Strong sense of dimensionality ---- Dye-sublimation makes the font full of color, bringing a very strong visual perception
Good handeness ---- super high-density PBT material brings the best hand feel experience

Name: XDA Virtual War Series Keycap
Theme: Virtual War
Color: White / Black
Profile: XDA
Material: PBT
Thickness: 1.5mm
Tech: Dye-sublimation
Keys: 141 keys
Compatible: Cherry MX Switches and Clones

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