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IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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>Tri-mode connection.

>80% compact mechanical keyboard layout.

>Slanted function keys.

>RGB backlit design.

>Seamless switching between devices.

>Hot swappable Switches.

>OBSC(On-Board Storage Compartment) System.

>High-quality PBT keycaps.

>Costar style stabilizers.

>Compatible with multiple devices including Mac systems.

>Bluetooth connectivity.

>N-Key rollover.

>Detachable Type-C cable.

>Long battery life with 4000mAh in-built battery.

Technical Specifications:-

>Number of Keys: 83.

>Material: PBT Keycap+PC frame.

>Switch options: Cherry MX/TTC.

>Lifespan: 50/100 Million Keystrokes.

>Connection: Bluetooth 5.1/ 2.4GHz/ USB Type-C.

>Response Time: 1ms(Wired/2.4GHz)/8ms(Bluetooth).

>Polling Rate: 1000Hz(Wired/2.4GHz)/125Hz(Bluetooth).

>Battery Capacity: 4000mAh.

>Cable Length: 150cm.

>Product Weight: 1140grams.

>Dimensions: 325x163x65mm.

IQUNIX OG80, a highly versatile 80% compact keyboard designed for ease of use while completing our day-to-day tasks. The OG80 Wormhole keyboard features slanted function keys for better usability and also houses an OBSC(On-Board Storage Compartment) where we can keep the 2.4GHz GHz receiver. IQUNIX has designed the keyboard with high-quality PBT Keycaps and a PC(PolyCarbonate) Frame for a rich user experience. The brilliant keyboard supports multiple devices including MAC systems and comes with eight keycaps(four for MAC users and four novelty keycaps).

Compact 80% Form Factor with Slanted Function Keys:-

IQUNIX OG80 keyboard has an 80% compact form factor bringing you Function Keys, and Arrow keys in a compact form factor. The Function keys here are placed in a slanted manner that makes them very easily accessible to the user.

High-Quality PBT Keycaps:-

IQUNIX uses only high-quality PBT keycaps for the OG80 Wormhole keyboard. It gets well-textured PBT keycaps that have a smooth matte finish. PBT Keycaps as we all know have a finer build than the regular ABS Keycaps.

Three Different Connection Modes:-

The IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole keyboard has three different connection modes. Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity, Wireless 2.4Ghz, and USB Type-C Wired connections are supported. The Bluetooth connectivity here allows the users to connect up to 3 devices at once with the keyboard. IQUNIX also has a stable and fast 2.4GHz wireless and Type-C wired interface. Users can easily switch between multiple devices.

Fully Compatible With Mac Systems:-

IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Keyboard is fully compatible with MAC systems. It even comes with eight replaceable keycaps where four are designed for use with Mac systems and the remaining four are novelty keycaps.

Super Long Battery Life:-

IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole keyboard is equipped with a large 4000mAh battery that provides a superb battery life of up to 3000 hours on a single charge(with Bluetooth connected and backlit off).

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IQUNIX OG80 Wormhole Wireless -5
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