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>Full modular design with 11 different removable pieces.

>Avago A9800 high-performance optical sensor.

>Maximum resolution of 8200DPI.

>30g maximum acceleration.

>High-quality Omron micro switches.

>Physical DPI and Mode switches.

>Designed for Perfect grip.

>Stylish LED indicator that glows in different colors based on DPI.

Technical Specs:-

>Polling Rate: Adjustable 125Hz-1000Hz.

>No. Of buttons: seven.

>Switches: Omron micro switches.

>Switch durability: 20 million presses.

>Connectivity: Wired USB connection.

>Size: 135x93x41.6mm.

>Weight: 150grams.

JamesDonkey 007 is a highly versatile gaming mouse that can be customized as per one’s liking. Left, Right, and Tail side panels on the 007 Gaming Mouse can be interchanged, allowing the users to achieve their perfect grip and bring them ahead in the competition. It uses a high-quality Avago A9800 optical gaming sensor that provides an adjustable DPI of 50 to 8200!! With the JamesDonkey 007, get your perfect aim with a high-speed fully customizable mouse!!

Customize Your Experience:-

JamesDonkey has designed the 007 as a highly-versatile fully-customizable gaming mouse. It provided 11 different removable pieces, giving the user 54 possible configurations. This primarily includes the Right, Left, and Tail side panels, customize the mouse as your grip and enjoy a comfortable experience.

Professional-Grade Gaming Optical Sensor:-

JamesDonkey 007 gaming mouse features a high-speed A9800 optical sensor from Avago. It allows the users to pre-set 5 different DPI modes, easily switching on the go, With the JamesDonkey 007, your aim will be ultra-precise and quick, instantly take the action and be the winner!!

Perfect Grip, Easy User Experience:-

With its lightweight and ergonomic design, the JamesDonkey 007 gives a comfortable grip for most users. The mouse has 11 different interchangeable pieces, that give the user 54 different configurations for a comfortable grip.

Multi-Colour LED Indicator:-

JamesDonkey 007 gaming mouse has a multi-color RGB LED indicator. It glows in different colors based on the active DPI level. 

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