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JAMESDONKEY Racing Series OEM Keycaps

JAMESDONKEY Racing Series OEM Keycaps

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>Rich racing theme design, Elements from the race tracks.

>High-quality custom PBT keycaps.

>Highly durable, wear and oil resistant.

>Dye-sublimed finish.

>Bright and colorful variants.

>OEM profile suitable with most keyboards in the market.

>Designer artistic keycaps included with the pack.

Are you looking to update the keycaps on your existing keyboard or on your new build with a racing-themed artistic approach, the latest James Donkey Racing series keycaps are here for you? This brilliant set is available in about five different color options, each one looking better than the other. The package includes some swappable keys with attractive race theme designs!! Get some adrenaline with the high-speed Racing Series keycaps!!

Superb Durability With PBT Core Material:-

James Donkey has crafted the keycaps for the famous Racing series using high-quality PBT material. The keycaps have a fine-textured finish, with crisply printed legends. The keycaps are made using a high-quality dye-sublimation process giving them a rich colorful design.  As we all know, PBT material Keycaps offer better durability with wear and oil resistance, expect the same from the James Donkey Racing Series Keycaps!!

Beautiful Color Combinations:-

James Donkey Racing Series keycaps are available in five different color combinations, Red, Purple, Pink, Black, and White. Each color has got a contrasting combination and bright legends printed on them.

Suitable For Most keyboards With OEM Profile:-

The keycaps have an OEM profile. They have an ergonomic shape with average height, making them suitable for typing. Always feel the rush with the wonderfully designed premium Racing series keycaps from James Donkey.

Crisp & Bold Legends:-

James Donkey has featured crisp and bold legends on the keycaps. They can be read easily and offers no distraction at all.  The legends are printed right at the centre with bold letters for easy readability.


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