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JAMESDONKEY RS4 Bluetooth 2.4g Wired 87 Keys Three Mode Mechanical Keyboard

JAMESDONKEY RS4 Bluetooth 2.4g Wired 87 Keys Three Mode Mechanical Keyboard

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>87-Key TKL Layout.

>Gateron Pro Yellow 2.0 switches.

>Triple connection modes.

>Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, USB Type-C Wired connections.

>Industrial-grade design.

>Full backlit RGB design.

>Multi-media volume knob.

>Smooth & Linear operation.

>Extended battery life with a large 4000mAh battery.

Technical Specifications:

>Layout: Ten-Key Less.

>No. Of Keys: 87.

>Build material:- Aluminum alloy frame with PBT keycaps.

>Cable Length: 1.8m.

>Battery capacity: 4000mAh.

>Weight: 780grams.

JamesDonkey RS4 is a brand new TKL keyboard designed with premium Gateron Pro 2.0 Yellow Linear Switches. Designed with an industrial-grade design, the RS4 looks simply amazing with an aluminum alloy frame and high-quality PBT keycaps. The keyboard supports triple connection modes including Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, wireless 2.4GHz dongle connectivity, and USB Type-C wired connectivity. Order the stunning JamesDonkey RS4 mechanical keyboard today!!

Compact Ten-Key Less Layout With Multimedia Volume Knob:

JamesDonkey RS4 has a compact TKL layout with 87-keys arranged in a no-conflict manner. The keyboard houses a multimedia volume knob available at the side. This volume knob allows the users to easily adjust the volume anytime. RS4 has got everything from the function keys to the arrow keys and the overall layout is quite compact saving you some serious desk space compared to full-sized keyboards.

Gateron 2.0 Pro Yellow Switches:

JamesDonkey RS4 features high-performance Gateron Pro 2.0 yellow switches. These are super smooth linear switches that come factory lubed for soft acoustics. Compared to the original G Pro switches, the new G Pro 2.0 has a more stabilized operation promising the users precise keystrokes.

Triple Connection Modes:

JamesDonkey RS4 mechanical keyboard supports three different connection modes. It supports wireless 2.4GHz along with Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. For wired connections, the RS4 supports USB Type-C connections. The keyboard supports Android and Windows devices straight out of the box.

Industrial-Grade Design:

RS4 here has got an industrial-grade design. The keyboard got a robust build with a high-quality aluminum alloy frame along with high-quality PBT keycaps. The keycaps here have got see-through legends printing for easy readability even in darkness.

Multi-Color RGB Backlit Design:

JamesDonkey RS4 has got 16.8 million color RGB backlight design. The keyboard has a dual-zone RGB effect with the base also getting a border in RGB lightning. The RGB effects here are easily controlled and cycled by keys. 

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