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JAMESDONKEY RS6 Transparent Hot-swap Mechanical Keyboard

JAMESDONKEY RS6 Transparent Hot-swap Mechanical Keyboard

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>96-keys layout.

>Triple-Connection Modes.

>Colorful transparent shell with Metal backplate.

>Built-in Sound absorbing EVA cotton layer.

>High-performance Gateron G Pro switches.

>Multimedia volume knob.

>16.8million Multi-color RGB backlight.

>Dual-coloured PBT keycaps.

>Extended battery life.

>Mac/Win dual system support.

JamesDonkey RS6 is a brand new 96-key compact mechanical keyboard designed with colorful transparent chassis and a metallic back plate. The keyboard uses high-quality Gateron G Pro mechanical switches that not only offer you smooth operation but also have high durability. RS6 also features a hot-swappable PCB allowing the users to replace the switches when required easily!!

Connect With A Variety Of Devices With Triple Connection Modes:

JamesDonkey RS6 can be connected to various devices using its triple connection modes. RS6 supports both wired and wireless connections with a 2.4GHz extremely fast wireless connection, the latest Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Using Bluetooth mode, users can connect RS6 to three devices simultaneously.

 Transparent Exquisite Build:

JamesDonkey RS6 has got a premium build. The keyboard has got a transparent colorful see-through outer chassis. The keyboard has got exquisite premium looks with color-matched keycaps and a metallic backplate.

 Silent Operation With EVA Cotton Padded Layer:

JamesDonkey RS6 adopts EVA sound-absorbing cotton padding layer between the PCB and the positioning plate. It effectively reduces the percussion of the mechanical switches and provides softer acoustics while operating the keyboard.

96-Key Compact Layout With Multimedia Volume Knob:

JamesDonkey RS6 has a 96-key compact layout. Compared to a full-sized layout, the RS6 drops the home key cluster while retaining the numeric keypad and arrow keys. It makes the RS6 about 20% smaller than the standard full-sized keyboard. Along with the compact 96-key layout, the RS6 also features a multimedia volume knob for easy volume adjustment on the go.

Premium Gateron G Pro Switches & Hot-Swappable PCB:

JamesDonkey RS6 will be available with premium Gateron G Pro mechanical switches. They offer a smooth typing experience with high durability. Users can easily replace the switches whenever required with the hot-swappable PCB that allows easy replacement of switches.

Extended Battery Life:

JamesDonkey RS6 comes equipped with a 5000mAh battery that provides extended battery life to the keyboard. Upon a single charge, users will be able to use the keyboard for longer hours without worrying about the battery running out.


Create An Immersive Atmosphere With RGB Backlight:-

JamesDonkey RS6 is capable of creating a fully immersive experience for the users with its 16.8million color RGB backlight. Users can easily adjust the backlight with different effects.


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