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Kailh Box White Owl Mechanical Keyboard Switch

Kailh Box White Owl Mechanical Keyboard Switch

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As the Master version of the BOX White switch, the White Owl switch is officially released. This switch is a strong tactility switch. The main color of the switch body is a white stem, with a translucent top cover and gray POM base, which perfectly match the temperament and color of the white owl.
The 46g force is almost the same as the ordinary version of BOX white switch, but the difference is that the white owl switch has a stronger tactility than BOX white, bringing more intense feel feedback, and the White owl switch also has a light pipe so that the luminous effect of the shaft body has been greatly improved.


Operation Force:46gf

Bottom Force:70gf

Tactile Force:≥15gf



Mechanical Life:80 Million


POM material Stem and Base

Short-spring Stronger rebound


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