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Kailh Canary Tactile Mechanical Keyboard Switch

Kailh Canary Tactile Mechanical Keyboard Switch

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Kailh Canary Switch For Mechanical Keyboard Advance Tactile hang feel Self-lubricating POM material.
To pursue individuality, mechanical keyboard customization is no longer limited to the shell or keycap. Now, you can even buy a variety of colorful custom shafts to dress up your keyboard from the inside out.
Canary Switch, based on kaihua BOX shaft customization, there are two color matching options for the first time, using three-color mixing, including pink shaft cover + purple base + blue shaft core and transparent shaft cover + green shaft core + purple base.
Both are tactile hand feel experiences, but heavier than ordinary Kaihua BOX tactile switches.


Operation Force: 42gf

Conduct Travel: 2.0±0.4mm

Bottom Force: 60gf

Total Travel: 4.0±0.4mm

Return Force≥ 15gf

Mechanical Life:2000,0000 cycles


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