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Kailh Chinese Red Switches

Kailh Chinese Red Switches

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Box Chinese Red Switch

It’s a linear switch; it actually appears to just be a slight reproduction of the regular Box Red switch. Both of them have the same specs. The only difference appears to be that the bottom, non-transparent part of the switch-out housing is red instead of white. Operating force:45±10gf, Pre Travel:1.8±0.4mm,Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm

BOX Glazed Green Switch

It is a heavy clicky BOX switch. Kailh BOX Glazed Green Switch, which means colored glaze.The Glazed Green switch looks to be the same as the clicky Box White switch (other than the color). Click bar design and clicky feeling.Operating force:45±10gf, Pre Travel:1.8±0.4mm,Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm,Tactile Force: 55±10gf 

Noble Yellow Switch

Noble Yellow, Which means emperor honor,the Noble Yellow doesn’t appear to have a similarity anywhere in Kailh’s catalog keyboard switch. The closest is probably the Box Jade switch, which has a similar clicky and tactile force curve, but different weights. The Noble Yellow is 65gf (+/-10gf) at the bump and what looks like 45gf or so at the actuation point. The Box Jade requires 10gf more to get over the tactile bump and actuates at 50gf.Operating force:55±10gf, Pre Travel:1.8±0.4mm,Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm,Tactile Force: 60±10gf 

Ancient Grey linear Switch

Ancient Grey, which means long-standing and well-established. The most notable of the quartet is the linear Ancient Grey switch that requires a hearty 95gf (+/-10gf) to actuate. The closest switch Kailh has to that actuation force is the Box Navy, which does have 95gf (+/-15gf) at the tactile bump. But it’s not linear like the Ancient Grey switch, which puts the Ancient Grey in rarefied air. Actuation travel of 1.8mm and the total travel of 3.6mm.Operating force:95±10gf, Pre Travel:1.8±0.4mm,Total Travel:3.6±0.4mm.








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