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Kailh Cream PRO POM BOX Switches

Kailh Cream PRO POM BOX Switches

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>New POM Pro Material.

>Long Spring, Strong Rebound.

>Linear typing experience.

>Increase Factory Lubrication.

>New Box structure for rustproof and waterproof characteristics.

>Pentagonal support with a five-pin base.

>Improved typing experience.

>Improved durability.

Technical Specs:

>Trigger force: 45±10gF.

>Total shaft travel: 4.0±0.3mm. Pre Travel:1.7±0.4mm

>Actuation type: Linear.

>Durability: 50 million keystrokes.

Kalih Box Cream Pro are premium full POM Pro material linear mechanical switches. These come factory lubricated and offer a fast trigger response with high durability. They have a box build structure that protects them from dust and water splashes!!

Designed With POM Pro Material:

Kalih Box Cream Pro mechanical switches are made using newly-developed POM Pro material. This new material increases the water resistance of the POM material and reduces the friction coefficient while retaining the unique acoustics of a POM switch. They bring a new, soft, smooth typing experience with clear sound.

Long Spring With Strong Rebound:

Kalih Box Cream Pro mechanical switches are designed with a long spring that has strong rebound characteristics. This brings the shaft instantly to its resting position after every single key press. The switches use a low trigger force of about 45±10gF.

Classic Box Structure Design:

Kalih Box Cream Pro mechanical switches have an exclusive box structure design. This design protects the switches from excessive dust and also makes the switches waterproof. Users can use the Kalih Cream Pro mechanical switches without any worry!!

Increased Factory Lubrication For Smoother Operation:

After deep research, Kalih Box Cream Pro switches have got an increase in factory lubrication. This improved factory lubrication makes the operation smooth and hassle-free with the Cream Pro switches.

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