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Kailh Crystal Burgundy/Midnight pro Switches

Kailh Crystal Burgundy/Midnight pro Switches

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Crystal Burgundy- Linear switch
Operating force:37±10gf  
Pre Travel:1.3±0.5mm  
Total Travel:3.4±0.4mm

Midnight pro-Silent Linear switch
Operating force:40gf  
Pre Travel:1.9±0.4mm  
Total Travel:3.7±0.3mm

Midnight pro-Silent Tactile switch

Operating force:40gf  
Pre Travel:2.0±0.4mm  
Total Travel:3.7±0.3mm
Tactile force:50gf

BOX Summer-Tactile switch

Rating: 12V AC/DC (max) and 2V DC(min)

Contact resistance: 200mΩ (maximum)

Insulation resistance: 100mΩ (minimum) (100V DC)

Withstand voltage: 100V AC (50 to 60Hz) (1 minute)

Operating force: 50 ±15gf

Tactile force: 55 ±10gf

Conduction-travel: 1.8 ±0.4mm

Total travel: 3.6 ±0.3mm

Operating lifespan: 80,000,000 cycles (minimum)


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