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Kailh Fried Egg Mechanical Keyboard Switch

Kailh Fried Egg Mechanical Keyboard Switch

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The Fried Egg Switch adopts the BOX stem structure with a circular dust-proof wall. The switch consisted of a white MX stem,a white upper housing, and a white base, looks like a fried egg, so it is named the Fried Egg switch.
Fried Egg is made of full POM material, which makes the body smoother. 42 grams operation forces have 35 g force backstretch, which can bring you strong feel feedback and mute effect is very ideal, It allows you to enjoy a silky feel and a quiet environment.

Actuation Force: 42gf

Actuation Travel: 1.8±0.3mm

Total Travel: 3.6±0.3mm

Return Force≥ 35gf

Mechanical Life:60,000,000 cycles


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