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Kzzi K61 RGB Three Mode TTC Mechanical Keyboard

Kzzi K61 RGB Three Mode TTC Mechanical Keyboard

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>Triple connection modes.

>Ultra-compact 61-key layout.

>Premium Switch options.

>USB Hub interface.

>Full-key Hot-swappable design.

>Silicone-padded structure.

>Newly-developed Satellite stabilizers.

>Large 1850mAh battery for extended battery life.

KZZI K61 is an ultra-compact 60% mechanical keyboard with a bright and colorful design theme. The keyboard comes at a pocket-friendly price but houses many latest features including Full-backlit RGB effects, full-key hot-swappable design, premium TTC and Kalih box switches, etc. K61 has a USB Hub interface where it houses a standard USB A port. users can connect storage, media, and any other kind of device through this USB interface.

Ultra-Compact 61-Key Layout:-

KZZI K61, as the name suggests houses a 61-key ultra-compact layout. It's a 60% keyboard that houses alphanumeric keys, primarily It's a super-compact keyboard that saves a lot of space on your desk and provides smooth functionality.

Triple Connection Modes:-

KZZI K61 mechanical keyboard provides easy connectivity to the users. It has three connection modes including wireless Bluetooth Connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. The keyboard can be connected to a variety of devices including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Premium & High-Speed TTC & Kallih Box Switch Options:-

KZZI K61 mechanical keyboard is made available in a wide variety of switch options. It includes TTC Pink Gold, TTC Speed Silver, TTC Silent Red, and Kalih Box Red switches. They provide a faster response time with a linear and smooth keypress feel.

Full-RGB Backlit Design:-

K61 from KZZI features a full-backlit RGB design. The bright RGB backlighting creates a fully immersive atmosphere while using the keyboard. With driver integration, the K61 supports multiple backlight effects that also include Music Rhythms. Now make your keyboard dance to the beats of your favorite music!!

Excellent Battery Life With A 1850mAh Large Battery:-

KZZI K61 mechanical keyboard is equipped with a large 1850mAh battery that provides up to 30days of battery life(approx 4hours of usage every day).



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