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Kzzi K75 RGB Gasket Three Mode Mechanical Keyboard

Kzzi K75 RGB Gasket Three Mode Mechanical Keyboard

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>75% compact form factor.

>Three-mode connection support.

>Gasket-mounted structure.

>USB Hub expansion.

>LED Power indicator display.

>High-quality PBT keycaps.

>Premium TTC mechanical switches.

>Finely tuned satellite stabilizers.

>Mac & Windows Dual System Support.

>Multi-color RGB backlight with pre-built lightning effects.

>Full-Key Hot-Swappable.

>Full-key non-conflict operation.

>Long battery life.

Technical Specs:

>Connection modes: Wired USB Type-C+Wireless 2.4GHz+Bluetooth.

>Number of keys: 82.

>Battery Capacity: 3750mAh.

>Battery life: up to 43 days(backlight off, 6 hours per day), up to 5-6 days(with backlight on, 6 hours per day).

>Dimensions: 335.8x155.5x41.5mm.

>Weight: Approx 875grams.

KZZI K75 is a highly versatile 75% compact versatile mechanical keyboard with triple connection modes. K75 supports both wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity for easy wireless connection with the source system and also connects with the using wired USB Type-C connection. It has a USB Hub expansion that works perfectly when the keyboard is connected in Wired mode expanding your options to connect an external USB device to your system. KZZI has also featured a LED power indicator display that shows the remaining battery life on the keyboard. It’s a fully equipped keyboard designed with the latest functions and features including gasket mounted structure, large key stabilizers, premium TTC mechanical switches, dual system support, full-key hot-swappable, and conflict-free operation. Upgrade your keyboard with the latest KZZI K75 RGB and get an all-new typing experience!!

75% Compact Layout:

KZZI K75 RGB features a 75% layout with an 82-key arrangement. 75% layout is very famous among the users as it provides you with the perfect balance between an ultra-compact form factor and easy usability with function row keys. Below the 75% layout, we lose the function keys. It is said to be about 30% more compact than a full-sized keyboard saving you a lot of desk space.

Triple-Connection Modes:

KZZI K75 RGB mechanical keyboard has triple connection mode support. It can be connected to the source device using three different connection modes including wired USB Type-C connectivity, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wireless Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow you to connect the K75 with a variety of different devices.

USB Hub Expansion:

While using the K75 RGB in a wired manner, you get access to an additional USB port present on the keyboard. You can use it to connect different devices including smartphones, mice, USB drives, and other products easily.

LED Power Indicator:

KZZI K75 keyboard houses a small LED display at the front. This display shows the active power level on the Keyboard. This LED display is placed right at the top of the keyboard so that it’s always visible to the users.

Gasket Mounted Structure:

KZZI has featured gasket mounted structure on the K75. The keyboard plate is mounted onto the frame using suspension gasket mounts that allow for swift movement with no additional vibration caused. The keyboard also has a multi-layered padded internal structure that contributes to a softer typing sound with the keyboard.

Multi-Color RGB Backlight:

KZZI K75 RGB mechanical keyboard features a multi-color RGB backlight with pre-built lightning effects. The lighting effects can simply be controlled using Fn function key combinations and also via the driver available(in USB/Wireless 2.4GHz mode). The backlight can also be adjusted to follow musical rhythm patterns.

Large Internal Battery, Long Battery Life:

KZZI K75 houses a large 3750mAh battery that provides a super long battery life of up to 43 days with the keyboard; While using it with the backlight off, the keyboard will easily last for about 43 days.

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