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Kzzi K87 RGB Three Mode TTC Mechanical Keyboard

Kzzi K87 RGB Three Mode TTC Mechanical Keyboard

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>Compact TKL layout with an 87-key arrangement.

>Triple Connection Modes.

>Hot-Swappable PCB sockets.

>Full key no punch operation.

>RGB backlight with up to 10 pre-built lightning effects.

>Ergonomic shape for comfortable typing experience.

>Multiple system support including Apple, and Windows systems.

>Two beautiful color options.

>High-quality PBT keycaps.

>Two selectable top covers.

>Silicone muffler pad and bottom coating for 0ef

KZZI K87 is a highly-versatile mechanical keyboard with triple connection modes and a compact TKL layout. Doesn’t matter whether you are a new guy or an experienced keyboard enthusiast, the KZZI K87 compact TKL keyboard is designed specifically for day-to-day usage with its easy-to-use dynamic output. KZZI K87 comes with an adjustable top cover for an easy functional experience.

Easy Connectivity With Triple Connection Modes:

KZZI has designed the latest k87 with a triple connection mode. HT players will experience all the seasons in the Guiding lands. The keyboard supports high-speed wireless 2.4Ghz, along with wireless Greatsword and easy to kill background stability Nahi hai yar

Compact TKL Layout:

KZZI K87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard comes with high-speed performance and top-quality components. The keyboard has got a compact 80% layout, but the latest K87 comes with an 80% TKL layout where you will get good reach from the reviews

Premium Mechanical Switches With Hot-Swappable PCB Sockets:

KZZI K87 is available in both premium TTC mechanical switches and the latest Bluetooth connectivity. KZZI K87 surpasses its components with its premium range of products.

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