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Lofree EH112S Milk Tea 79 Keys ABS Mechanical Keyboard

Lofree EH112S Milk Tea 79 Keys ABS Mechanical Keyboard

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>Beautiful & Elegant design.

>79 Keys Layout.

>Clicky & tactile Gateron Blue Switches.

>Warm Milk Tea Color Design.

>Multi-device compatibility.

>Supports Bluetooth & USB connections.

>White LED backlight.

>Adjustable backlight.

>Intelligent auto-sleep mode.

>In-built 4000mAh battery.

Get a unique new experience for your workspace with the brand new Lofree Milk Tea ABS 79key mechanical keyboard. The retro vibes of this keyboard will fill your mind with energy and you will just love to type on the amazing keyboard. Each key press will give you a click sound and tactile feedback with the premium Blue switches. Don’t worry about connectivity issues as the keyboard supports both USB as well as Bluetooth connectivity and has multi-device support straight out of the box. So what are you waiting for???? Upgrade your keyboard to the Lofree Milk Tea ABS today!!!

Stylish & Elegant:

Lofree is committed to designing a unique experience with its premium products. The EH112S Milk Tea keyboard is a retro-themed keyboard designed for urban women in a simple manner. It is elegant and has a unique design of its own.

Textured, Smooth, Warm Milk Tea Color Design:

The Milk Tea keyboard adopts the same circular keycap design as the Lipstick keyboard by Lofree. It has a warm milk tea color, just like a cup of milk tea in the afternoon. The keyboard has got milk-white keys which perfectly match the mood of the keyboard.

High-End Blue Switches:

Lofree Milk Tea keyboard adopts premium Blue switches that have a clicky feel to them. Every single keystroke returns an audible clicky sound with weak bumpy feedback. The keys are placed precisely so as to avoid typo mistakes.

White LED Backlit Design:

Lofree Milk Tea keyboard has a white backlit led design. This backlight has four levels of brightness adjustments allowing the users to easily adjust the brightness of the keyboard LED following their workspace location. For offices, you can dim the lights, and at home, you can brighten them up.

Multi-Device Support:

The Lofree Milk Tea keyboard is fully compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It supports them straight out of the box, allowing you to freely switch among multiple devices and systems. The keyboard has both Bluetooth as well as USB connection support.

Portable With In-Built Battery:

Lofree Milk Tea Mechanical keyboard has an in-built 4000mAh battery. The keyboard is very compact and versatile to use. You can carry it with you anywhere you go and use it anywhere you want. The battery gives it a battery life of over 5 hours on a single charge.

Intelligent Sleep Mode:

After just a minute of inactivity, the Lofree Milk Tea keyboard goes into sleep mode to save up battery life. A simple keypress will bring it back to power.

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