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Lofree Gift Box Mechanical Keyboard

Lofree Gift Box Mechanical Keyboard

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>Designed in collaboration with Accidental design.

>A special gift box containing a 68-key compact wireless mechanical keyboard and a fountain pen.

>High-quality Walnut and Brass wood carry case.

>Finely crafted keyboard.

>High-quality solid-wood shell.

>Retro-styled PBT keycaps.

>Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.

>Ergonomic and comfortable while typing.

>Long battery life.

>Multiple device support(Android/iOS/Windows/macOS).

Lofree in collaboration with Accidental Design has designed a personalized Gift Box containing a high-quality Wireless Bluetooth mechanical keyboard and a fountain pen. Both the mechanical keyboard and the fountain pen can be served as an ideal gift for keyboard lovers. The products here are designed using a high-precision CNC machining process, creating the perfect gift for your loved ones!!

Your Perfect Gift:

Lofree Gift Box is a perfect gift designed for your loved ones. You get a high-quality wireless mechanical keyboard in a hand-crafted Solid walnut and brass wood case. The case opens up and can be used to keep your tablets and other screens while typing. The package also includes a high-quality fountain pen.

An Artistic Keyboard:

With their professional expertise in designing high-quality and uniquely themed products, the latest Lofree Gift Box contains a wireless mechanical keyboard. This keyboard showcases the ultimate craftsmanship of Lofree with a solid wooden frame and high-quality PBT keycaps. The keyboard along with the included fountain pen looks simply wonderful.

Wireless Mechanical Keyboard:

The keyboard here in the Gift Box is a fully wireless mechanical keyboard. It supports the latest Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity. The keyboard can be connected to a variety of devices including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Ergonomic Arc Shape:

The keyboard has got an ergonomic shape. With the battery compartment, the top numeric keys get inclined at an angle of 6° to the keyboard. The keyboard has an arc-shaped design, allowing for an easy and comfortable typing experience.

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