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Lofree Lipstick Bluetooth Mouse

Lofree Lipstick Bluetooth Mouse

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Maus Mouse Inspired by Wavy Potato Chips:

With Lofree EP115 Bluetooth Mouse Rose Gold, you can enjoy Maus Mouse's unique design with a vintage appearance. The unique design is inspired by wavy potato chips. Let's increase the fun by adding some satisfying clicking sounds in your 2m2 working space.

Key Features:

Suitable for multi-finger gestures. Multi-finger gestures are allowed to increase efficiency during working in your 2m2 working space.

Simultaneous connection for two devices. Two different devices (Windows 10, Mac, and iMac) are available to connect simultaneously through 2.4g and Bluetooth.

Brand-New Design with:

  • 2 wavy potato chips shaped buttons to replace traditional buttons
  • Rose gold and smooth surface reveal a noble sense
  • Large space for multi-finger gestures
  • Comfortable clicking sounds

Excellent Working Performance:

  • Allow USB and Bluetooth connection with 2 devices simultaneously
  • 5 Levels Adjustable dpi Sensitivity: 800/1200/1600/2400/3600
  • 3 minutes of charging supports an 8-hour long battery life work

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