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Lofree Lipstick Keyboard Combo

Lofree Lipstick Keyboard Combo

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Package 1: keyboard+mouse+calculator
Package 2: keyboard+mouse
Package 3: keyboard+calculator

Key Features:

79 Keys with 79 Different Cosmetic Colors - the best gift for your girl! The brightly colored key caps and the rose gold keyboard background are perfectly integrated into a beautiful work of art.
Clicky Dot Keyboard to Comfort You, the high-end brown switch suitable for typing and office people. Every keystroke returns a slight click sound, giving you touch feedback with weak bump. Moreover, there is no conflict among 79 switches to avoid frequent typos.     

Multi Device Wireless Keyboard with Powerful Compatibility, this retro Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with MAC, desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone, including operating systems like Windows, Android and IOS, allowing you to switch freely among multiple devices and systems.

Support Bluetooth or USB Connections - the lipsticks keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth or USB cable, you can easily use the USB to connect to your computer or pairs Bluetooth with your ipad or phone.

Long Battery Life & Portable, Lofree lipstick keyboard possesses a 4000mAh lithium battery which can last for more than 5 hours with a single charge.

4 level adjustment of LED White backlight, available to cater to office environment with different brightness. 

Intelligent Auto Sleep Mode The retro Bluetooth keyboard of lipstick series is such intelligent to avoid your fear of power waste because auto sleep mode will be activated after a minute of inactivity.

Mouse Feature:

Unique design concept -The left and right buttons of the Bluetooth mouse are replaced by wavy potato chips, which vividly shows Lofree's unique design concept. 
Powerful Compatibility with multi devices -  The wheel keys on the side can move pictures under Apple system and page scrolling can be realized in other systems (such as Android and Window). The side keys can realize menu setting and multi task switching according to different settings.



Calculator Feature:

20 key caps with different cosmetic colors on Lofree calculator to match with the lipstick keyboard. While there are 79 key caps with different cosmetic colors on the lipstick keyboard. 
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