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Lofree Milk Tea Bluetooth Number Pad+Mouse Combo

Lofree Milk Tea Bluetooth Number Pad+Mouse Combo

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Powerful compatibility is another highlight of Lofree milk tea series differing from others except from the fashionable design element. Lofree Bluetooth number pad and mouse are suitable for a variety of devices, including MAC, desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. In addition, they are also compatible with major mainstream operating systems, such as Windows, Android and IOS, allowing you to switch freely among multiple devices and systems. Lofree milk tea mouse is extremely adapted to IOS system and easy to connect to MAC regarding as one of the best wireless mouse for MAC.

The Bluetooth number pad adopts the same circular key cap with a groove in the middle, which is in line with the ergonomic design to comfort you while working in your 2 square meter space. When you press the key cap, unparalleled comfort and enjoyment is the primary reason why you fall in love with typing since then. What is amazing is that the wireless mechanical numpad is not the number pad only; it will turn into a calculator when disconnecting with Bluetooth.

The left and right buttons of the milk tea mouse are replaced by wavy potato chips, which vividly shows Lofree's unique design concept. The potato chip shaped mouse buttons are the best match with the overall element of milk tea to work up an appetite. The light grey button even adds a little lovely feeling to this mechanical keyboard and mouse combo.

The multi functions make it the nest best wireless mouse for MAC. There are additional function keys on the left side of the Lofree Bluetooth mouse to facilitate office. The wheel keys on the side can move pictures under Apple system, and page scrolling can be realized in other systems (such as Android and Window). The side keys can realize menu setting and multi task switching according to different settings. 


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